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Strolls in the totem pole here who gets pushed down well the guys to get pushed down our Wendell Smallwood and Josh Adams are you worried about those guys are those guys that you can't possibly let go no and the upside yeah yeah yeah John Johnson was a victim of circumstance in other words he was thrust into that role because there wasn't anybody else last year so I don't you Josh out of it right and I don't think Wendell Smallwood gonna make him I think you're gonna have a four man rotation of our standards Clemente insult and wiping Sproles really comes in handy is third down happen I'll Jordan Howard ironically enough is the best blocking running back in the NFL on third down you don't get up one and a half stack them three years but he can't catch any path of the back yeah isn't that good yet Darren Sproles has the ability to do third down let's pick up you can catch out of the backfield I think it adds another weapon to the eagle I don't think he's going to get a you know twenty five touches the game but I think if you make a plan for Turner I think if you give him you know third down just six eight touches Rifai catches your use them in that spot role I think he helped a lot I I think and then again it is that before the veteran leadership having a winning choir someone with the right attitude on a team that already has a winning culture and if you don't you don't see out out back in the Philadelphia Eagles you know I mean you don't see this kind of posturing imposing out garance role always conduct himself with class and is well respected so I think the intangible intangible reasons that it goes well I got a question for you on the Phillies do you think I mean there's obviously been talked I think Marcus Stroman others that we're looking to trade or and I wonder if dean does he start tonight by ari I'm well by the customer if it's a little bit of fools gold do you think the Phillies Brad looks at this and if you think we have enough starting pitching to get us through what do you think they'll act you gonna pull the trigger and and trade you know what is already a depleted farm system for another older catcher well whether they make a trade or not is will who they trade for is gonna be the interesting thing it seems like the they're going to make a trade it's gonna be some sort of French move and bright here's the thing the commitment they just made because god this guy drew Smyly is not good is he alright not is not good your it was like an eight four so it's I mean when your signing that guy and demoting provided to the bull pen that tells you how desperate they are so they definitely are not taking a lot from this area to start you take every area to start that isn't a total disaster as a complete blessing this was the second straight time he didn't kill you and it's weird that it happens in the two games after he has a bone spur but you know so be it that's the deal you could start yeah a lot of times the guys will hedge their bets by saying they're injured so that if their performance yeah the batter gets worse the guy with the all I was injured you now I tried of your pennies and things like that thing that concerns are contesting I think the night he was more about Pittsburgh spelling in our success yeah I mean obviously with the with the wild pitches and it was nice and refreshing to see somebody on the Philly awful get to first base and beat out a you know how I got the runner up with your girlfriend that out it was actually nice brought up your alley this year you know even our even though he did a little you know here to the Dodgers it was it was night the motion and looking like people don't care I mean one of the things I've noticed about the gate Kapler human I brought this up on the mid day show was he he got mad at sixteen you're the one time we yank or an emotion from him is when there's a sixty blow out and because there is through with somebody that you get so angry about we didn't have the fire in the belly to hold him accountable and say you know we can't allow you know you cannot perform on the field hospital you have to speak to me that this was the first time this year were you actually saw a girl hostile you thought you so I kind of life read into this team effort which we haven't yet at all this year and a lot of that pulled back on the manager in ability or lack of desire to in order to get the plan and accountability for those that don't run out so I think this is the first time I think I saw even if it's ever so slightly Gabe Kapler trying to the best of his ability to hold players accountable I'm was one of your team thank thank well yeah this was definitely a character win for sure Neil I appreciate I gotta run but like the for the Phillies to win this game the way they did they had a lot of times where the bases were loaded they had two men on and they were able to score that was most of the game then you get a point where the bases are loaded one the Castiel comes in to try to shut things down and it does the job and so the Phillies at that point it's a one one game they're only run coming from an atom hazy home run they're able to turn things around and they end up putting up a couple runs Bryce Harper with a big hit pretty consistent for him Jean Segura thirteen pitch at bat any legs it out I mean it was an absolute they say tie goes the runner and it was one of those situations I mean instant replay incredibly close they review it the girl was safe it was just it was an awesome play by him a great at bat by him and from there yeah the pirates did fall parts over the Phillies they get a nice when a character win and you wonder if they can keep this momentum going and we'll talk about it eight eight eight seven two nine ninety four ninety four pound nine four nine force how you doing the show Vince Quinn right here with you one ninety four W. 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