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Still ahead we'll play for your and tells us about the victory of the Muller probe plus Florence downgraded to a tropical storm, but still poses threat of catastrophic flooding continues to dump rain on the affected area. Bill Cairns has the latest next. At least five people have died in what is now tropical storm Florence, which continues to batter the Carolina tonight. Wind gusts reaching over one hundred miles per hour today as Florence crawls along at just three miles per hour, which means dumping more than twenty inches of rain already in some regions up to forty inches protected and other areas. High tide will hit in the next few hours tonight as storm surge and flooding remain major concerns and b. c. news meteorologist Bill cairn joins me now from the latest on tropical storm foreign Bill, how are things looking? We're halfway through the Maratha. Isn't that sad? Only halfway through this, this ridiculous. We're through the part where the winds are going to do a lot of the damage we're through about seventy five eighty percent of the part where the storm surge is going to do damage. And now we're just going to watch the rain in the rivers through about Wednesday of next week. Some of these are going to crush Wednesday next week. It's like five, six days from now. So here's the storm walking itself across the border from North Carolina into south. Carolina and the poor people up here in Carteret county and the craving county. Of course, Newburn was the story last night with all the water rescues people stuck on the roof waiting for rescue, but this feeder band has been over them for like twenty four straight hours. They can't believe how much rain is falling. They're under a flash flood emergency. We've had reports of almost twenty four inches of rain already, and it is still pouring. So for that reason, the map here shown in red is where we have flood warnings. We have flood emergencies in place, and that's almost the entire eastern half of North Carolina, and we'll wash those rivers coming up. Now. We don't care too much more about the winds that are doing any more damage, but the path of the storm at least is going to start to move to the west a little bit. And then we're gonna bring flooding threats areas. They Columbia Florence and also towards Charlotte, North Carolina in the days ahead. So then by the time we get into the mountains, that's not till Sunday. We could have problems with flooding even as far north as the mountains of Virginia, and then we'll bring a little bit of rain through the northeast Monday. Tuesday knew what mountains do when you get heavy rain. That's a bad recipe anytime, but that won't be until we get to Sunday and Monday, Chris, here's the. Timing. This is what it's in a look like on radar. This is as we go through Saturday morning. Notice Wilmington still raining Saturday morning, then the storm moves towards Columbia. Yeah, Wilmington still raining nine pm Saturday night. Then as we go through into Sunday morning, still band of rain over the top of Wilmington. That's why one of our computers saying we could get an additional thirty inches of rain in Wilmington. That's insane Lee. Hi..

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