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Nick, where the body radio and today I have Patrick from three days under a patrick how you doing what's happening man thanks for having me. It's an honor to have you man I've been listening to you guys for for a few months now probably since the beginning of the year and I'm really liking what I'm hearing and I like the fan engagement that you guys have going on especially during this time. Where we can't get out to to sea bans right now you know we're still waiting period I. Think I think I've seen a couple festival still being planned for July so To that. Yes I hope seeing our entire booking has been wiped so far. So we have a few things lined up but nothing like it was. Yeah. Yeah. I can only imagine I'm I'm an artist too but I stick to I'm local here Spring Hill Florida and right But still I mean I can't even get a coffee house gig right now. So Right Yeah it's it's getting tough out there but. Thank. God for the Internet because you were able to use that as a tool and you guys just a couple of weeks ago, right did a or maybe even sooner than that did a live stream concert and it was a great. Weeks go. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah and it was great. You guys did really good with it. You had a lot of good fan engagement. How was it? How was it on the other was a different not having the audience directly in front of you or? It was definitely different but we. We always operate under the guise of whether it's one person there or thousand able there. We're going to give the same energy We're used to were used to feeding off each other anyway So it was one of those. We're just happy doing what we do and giving the opportunity to give people hope and something especially in something. Like this lockdown where everybody's stir crazy and everybody wants something new and and just to give them a taste a normalcy was the whole antenna. Go I. Think it went off went over pretty well, see us out we expected. maybe fifty years tune in. But at the end of the the livestream nurse think took over twelve hundred people that doomed in to watch the live stream. So yeah. So yeah, it was definitely a lot of people. And it was awesome. That was really good. He has degrade. Thank you. What else is going on in the world of three days under when you guys writing writing. Writing writing.

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