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Chillicothe demand is facing theft and other charges following an alleged break in at the Highland county. Fairgrounds. Officials say Shane Johnson was indicted in early December on felony charges of breaking and entering and grand theft of a vehicle along with associated theft charges. Prosecutors say he broke into the fairgrounds on November twelfth and stole a pickup truck tolls and other property belonging to the Ross county agricultural society Johnson is due back in Highland county Common Pleas court on Wednesday yesterday. The Columbus foundation celebrated its seventy fifth anniversary with their big explore event, featuring several museums and other attractions in town explores didn't have to search too hard for their destinations. Thanks to this interactive map on quotas website listing all of the locations, including the Franklin park conservatory, Columbus museum of art and the national Veterans Memorial, but just to name of you. That's what made us. Number one. We are on time we have operators who go above and beyond and service. They take care of our people and we're figuring out ways for people to move in this community. So that they can thrive. So many hidden jewels were found around the city during this exciting day. Putting the adventure into the spirits of many and making Christopher Columbus. Pretty darn proud. ABC six is Joe Sam a Bill that looks to set the minimum age to get married in the state of Ohio in eighteen is now on its way to governor John casick desk under current law. The minimum age for men to get married. It's eighteen but women can get married at the age of sixteen with approval from the parents, the date news reports that judges have also approved exceptions for marriages involving dozens of younger pregnant teens between the year two thousand twenty fifteen the Bill which received bipartisan support from state lawmakers would still allow seventeen year olds to marry someone up to four years older if a juvenile quarter proves and they wait two weeks..

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