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It always sneaks up on you right. It's like come on but of course many of you are thrilled to get the the kids back to school. T. that's all tina can talk about. Put his getting back as though she she had her first. I d- day at the school school and she had to redo her office herber room. They moved rooms on her so she she came back with. I started receiving pictures. Yesterday i was at the track and look at this look at this look like a little messy. So she's she's putting her room together and After labor day at all that all happens. So we've got so much going on the ovals including the the switch over particularly kentucky where they'll run at ellis into tomorrow and then just like that out to kentucky downs. We'll talk to hammer and our three. And look at at least at least the sunday. And i suppose that that james and ed that looked as well I mean i've got the pp's have not looked carefully at kentucky downs yet with so much going on at at saratoga and del mar The del mar cards so far. And we've got one more set of of overnight to look for purdue mondays and you know the two year olds the spin away for sunday came up with a nice group of nine and they'll draw the hopeful as well today so they'll close than the racing office they pack up and had back to belmont. It's there's nothing at saratoga of more sobering and and you know certain than The the big rolling would crates that start to go out on the sidewalks as the offices. Pack up it's it's a It's a right of transition around the racetrack. Which is which is tough. Because then you're not going to be back till till next year so We'll we'll touch on a ton of the stakes. And i i. I didn't really ask specifically for some of the the capping visitors. What what they're going to look at But it's hard to resist The del mar told you yesterday. The del mar stakes Tomorrow deepened An interesting so the yeah. What used to be the you know the hollywood turf festival the kinds of races that that fill in And of course del mar turf oriented in a lot of ways and they got started yesterday. if you If you were digging into that after saratoga and there was some there was some nice prices. Actually that Saratoga we had to deal with the off the turf which kind of carved up the the card a little bit but The first flew a little bit Fat del mar yesterday. Right with the fifty fifty. What was it fifty. Six fifty six to one shot hundred fourteen dollar winner. Bill mclean with drayton van dyke. I'm going to be somebody and that was a starter lance went. There was fairly early right. Yeah the car. Six o'clock and as so often the case when you see prices like this. It's a wire-to-wire all the time. It absolutely Jack the early the early maltese. Congratulations the anybody. And the it was a handful of players that that early pick five adele marcel basically seventy five thousand dollars. Seventy four seven ninety four then. There was a pool of just under seven hundred thousand so great job and the pick four paid forty five hundred and then change forty five thirty nine so some people some people did okay and he actually had a twenty eight dollar winner for andy mathis in that anchor leg so too big prices and even the even the first Too short prices and then three difficult sources wire-to-wire winner in their opener. In fact that made special For baffert eight to one quality road philly velvet slippers. Wire-to-wire able to. That's where that's where the that's where prices can come and then later The rest of the the rest of that slate Tend to one winner and in the eighth star racer angelo takeoffs for balloon racing steve dietrich of veron ski gelding. Another twenty. two dollar winner. I it was it was. Yeah it was juicy and the nightcap lady'll product to bob hess for the fiery phillies at thirteen to one twenty six th so Saratoga not the not as as as lucrative with some of the smaller fields. That got slashed up by the off the turf action The interestingly was that allowance. Race that Four th raise the seven furlong group that the eclipse hard-spun colt a lower west who keeps forging forward catman wayne catalano. This actually maryland. Bred that bob matthew and kate boss bread and was stalking our last buck. Who i tried to. I tried to. I played our last buck. I thought maybe he could wire the field seven to one but below west Catches and goes on by and You had that the was the dui and that was the right call. Nobody really complained about that one This was that. Candy tycoon of Of fletcher's in the claiming race and there was a hatful of claims In that race In fact Candy tycoon ends up with cassie tanned. mo- gotcha got elevated to the victory twelve to one thirteen to one almost for Merkin can't marcy and mugabe gotcha moved.

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