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Web. Daymo earning And we are about 30 minutes away from Webb's world this morning. And I keep thinking he's probably going to be talking about the election. But We will wait and see in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, Jack, Karen, Natalie and Katie Hey, Here's a pretty good deal. I didn't know about this, Um, the world Siri's began last night. And All of America won a free taco. Thanks to had you heard about this Taco Bell's steal a base steal a taco promotion. I have, but I didn't know how. How did we win? Well, the Dodgers right fielder Mookie Betts swipes second base during the fifth inning. And When somebody steals a base, everybody in America he gets a free taco went to Taco Bell last night for dinner. But you should avoid it. I guess I should've. I should've really late, Isn't it? October? 28? Yeah. You have to think about 28 like, care Anything. Jack. The guy you said, say that player again, Is it? Mookie Betts? No. I thought you said it the first time what I say, Mookie? Yes, Yes, I'm with you, Mookie, but I think it's what I like to say. Mookie. And people give me so much. You know what? Down the hall on D A. Because I say Mookie and everyone's like it's movie movie. Look. How do you spell book? Be OK? Yeah. So how would you know? He is be okay. I booky. It's not moving its bookie. Thankyou. Jacq tell you get hated on this for a lot of very work. I'm happy because I know Jack. Is I go with Jack when it comes to pronunciation of words, So I'm going to say I want this one. But any time during the world, Siri's of a player steals a base They're going to offer every person in the 50. States and D C a free taco and you can get him a well participating restaurants or through taco bell dot com. But you pick him up on October 28th. So, Katie, you're gonna have to goto Taco Bell on that's OK with me. On October, 28 was a breakfast, lunch and dinner I love talk about Well, anyway, if you want to get on board here if you have any comments to make about the Election as it's going down, and we're less than two weeks away. Give us a call 809 699352 people say Jack that they think after the election, covert 19 goes away. I don't think so. As far as the conversation like the Democrats win, I actually think based on what I'm seeing it ramps up. It gets even worse. You think the shutdowns were bad now, if Joe Biden wins? Oh, yeah, Shutdowns or huge. At first. It was a distraction, I think, and they wanted the narrative to be against Trump. I think that so many people are so infatuated if you will, with the measures we've taken or lack thereof, for some people that it's embedded in their brain. That we're going to have to deal with this problem for a long time. So I did a job in winds. We Seymour shutdowns ice on CNN. They're saying the numbers are going up in every state. Hospitalizations air going up. I'm scared that in a month's time Joe Biden winds and then by January, they're getting you know, he gets in the White House and they start putting, you know more stringent. They've already talked about it. I mean, his people. I've talked about shutting down America to stop the covert 19 Shut down. We're going to be back again. With the restaurant's closed, the bars closed everything shut down. No more shopping gnome or anything. So people saying that it's going to go away after the election, and it's basically just a political tool. I wouldn't be so sure that Oh, no, it's It's mean he's they've talked about how they're going to shut things down. So it is definitely going to happen. So if you want to shut down, you want to pay higher taxes? If you want to turn this into a communist country, then by all means, you know what to do. Let's go to Gary in Riverview. Gary, What do you think? Good morning team just wanted Teo give give a quick plug. I'm in the in the military and campus a pretty free of Patriotic City and get a lot of AA lot of compliments and people. People always saying Thank you for the service, and I usually respond by saying I'm glad it means something. And then I tell him Make sure you vote and please don't vote for socialism. Hey, that's very well put. I hate to do this, but Bless you for your service. Thank you for serving your country and it's 5 46 on am Tampa Bay. We go to the newsroom and Chris strengthen. Senator Mitch McConnell wants the White House to avoid negotiating anew Corona virus relief bill before the election. The majority leader made the comments during a lunch with GOP lawmakers on Tuesday. McConnell argues House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not negotiating in good faith. Kentucky Republican believes a stimulus package would distract the Senate from confirming Supreme Court nominee Amy Cockney Barrett. More than 500. Children are still looking for their parents after they were separated at the border in 2017. A Tuesday court filing from the Justice Department and the American Civil Liberties Union says about two thirds of those parents could have been deported. Separations were part of the Trump Administration's zero tolerance immigration policy. NASA has collected its first ever sample from an asteroid Theo Cyrus Rex spacecraft landed on asteroid Bennu near the Earth and picked up pieces of the space rock. A spaceship will return to Earth in September of 2023. Researchers say the samples could hold insights into the origins of the solar system. On Chris Trackman NewsRadio W F Ella. Now let's check Sports.

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