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Baby was happening. Maybe had a safe. He was bathing suit season. Babies piece buddy ready. Oh my god. She had her baby beach pod. And i just wanted to say it is any gift we can give is comedians. If it is a gift go up is. I'll say thing. I'll say the thing we're thinking you pay me to say the thing here we're thinking about these fucking huge and jesus christ. What a relief. Because we thought from the first ghostbusters was going to be your baby until it was twenty two. Yes and one said anything at the time because we've embarrassed. We thought this was forever. Now we found isn't forever. we can laugh about yes. That's right and no one. Well the bomb didn't look thrilled and one of the girlfriend started like what i got. I got one of these. I think that's enough of that. Oh shit yeah somebody like. Oh here. Because i sorta doubled down. I was like why it was. It was a very south baby but now it's not that's all i'm saying that a judgment i'm just like i think that's enough. I got one of those right. And i say three things happened now. He's number one. I would have left the party one after one. I'm done for the next three years like in metric. I'm now thinking about. Optimism is like i'm not fit for parties is what you're saying. I'm not fit for human consumption. I'm right for the world. I'm a little silica. Jackets have silica that they put in things. I'm gonna throw me away when you open up the thing i is. Why are you keeping. I'm not gonna be dry anymore. Get rid of me. I barely did anything anyway. Yeah throw the silica dangerous to start with. Because you don't let me be eaten by your child. Although it does look like a snack. I'm we'll be silent okay. So they were just here with the baby. Yeah we're still friends. And i mentioned to the guy a how i felt bad about that. We were talking about something else. And then i realized there was actually something kinda beautiful going on. Which is i was like. Trying to bond with the dab like let's be bros. Let's make jokes about your fat. Let's have some because it was a very feminine kind of feeling party and this sounds really kind of. Maybe i'm talking about out my ass but i swear. I think we uncovered today that it was his attempt to bro out. Like be like we're kind of at the moment it was me and him and seven women and i and it was me being like. Hey let's talk about fat babies. Which i'm not saying it's the only way you can have masculine energy. But it's one of the ways you can have masculine energy. Let's call something out Let's have fun. Let's be. I said to him. Let's start a small fire not a dangerous fire but just a small fire to signal to him like that fund today. Yeah and he. I think i'm pretty sure he. He received that message and appreciate it. But if i was immediately blind out by other people and he went okay. Blown out the fire. Got you another british term. As lemme out you play someone out can a great reader me this i it when i think of trauma genuine trauma if you say i once did a thing in therapy right. Sure we'll let therapy is not debate sacred thing and she said to me before seen i wanted to write down the ten most traumatic things that have happened in your life that constantly holding you when you play on lips right now in my life things have happened. Car accident muggings near dead violence etc. That they wouldn't they wouldn't get close to top ten real ted a times. I've been embarrassed. Wow which is why. you're funding. Do you rely on or would you a mugging before an embarrassing. That's really interesting like your story. You just told me. I genuinely feel if that happened to me in someone going. I think that's enough. That would be like worse than car wag. I car accident go. Yeah was that was tough but the embarrassment of the fucking pace shit of that enough of that's enough of that. I became that whole. What you're doing is you. That's enough that's enough of that. I think that's enough at that. I've gained a little weight here. She started using herself. As you wanna talk about how. I've gained a little weight here and it was like a baby is a baby who always not same routes. Here's where i am like my dad. My dad at bible studies would say to the pastor. Do you ever go to the bathroom and play with your due to do and hit. Say what and say that's when you take the empty toilet paper roll and go do to do too. And i got a little bit of that. Meaning if i'm joking and someone is doesn't like it. I'll just have a little bit of a auto running program that goes i got okay. That's good. it is a great skill. Lighten up i wish i had. I don't always have it. But if on the top ten of my traumas obviously my voice. my wife My first wife telling me she was having those are all on there. My dad giving away my ninja. Turtles is literally on there. I mean for real. I believe i'm embarrassed. How often i go. Though i wasn't done with the mike judge's gavel is one that would that's it. That's it i wasn't done with those. Oh god that that. I mean i'm not in that space now but if i really like sing with that it it is it was hurtful. Yeah 'cause you're like what do you think i'm like a candy ass or something like and this is how you relate to me by giving my toys away. What's one you the top ten with. Oh or yeah going. No no no no no go give me one it would just it would It would be like a social situation. I've said something is really a simple and you think of one. Can you give me a fat fat baby. You can't now that we're talking about him. Sort of really owning. Like why did i say you used to be such a fat baby. I i listen if i would have. Baby ba- fled. I'd say thank you for noticing the work i've put in. You'd be battered. I'd be bad balance at bellagio. And i'd be like thank you. I would say to the other adults here. I felt really self conscious because none of us sifi said anything about thank you. Give me a fat baby. What does small baby for you. What is this this thing. Isn't it a coach. I'm struggling to think of a specific one. But that's the beauty of comedy right is you're always taking risks. Always a risk right every every little bull you're throwing up is a risk right or should be. Yeah i've done a lot of sets that are safe and you're like i have no thrill because you know yeah you have to take a risk and the best busy when you take a risk and the audience. What is this and then you land. Of course the best. Yeah now you understand but yeah well. The fat baby is a is a risk because because people care about babies. If i said you used to be such a fat baby and then every and the mom just dies giving and goes everyone's walking on egg shells because the babies to be fat. Yeah and no one wants to say it but you just set it and it opens up an everyone just the baby gets you on his show. It is it. If i'm being honest. I wonder if that was my if i don't think that's what i thought was going to happen. Yeah i think i thought was going to happen. Was what happened. Went in self-destruct my and that's why that's what the only virtuous thing about it was. I was trying to signal to the dad like let's have fun. Let's let's take little risks. Do you think that you made your inside. you're outside. do you think you came. And again i'm busy. I'm not good at these things..

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