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Jovic needs to path plus one success. He's had that he's locked in on that specifically in the lead up to this match. I think it's going to be a really fun. I do think rafa ends up winning. Think jovic takes the set. I think he takes the opening set as well. And i think that adds to the intrigue but then i think rafa takes three close sets from there and then defining himself in the final against one of alex fear. Define of seats you positive. I talked about that match a little bit yesterday. Book both guys have had two days off and he enters this match pretty much a hundred percent physically fresh because he played a five-set match in his first round match but hasn't dropped a set since then and diminished davidovich. Fo- kina as well in that in that quarter final battle at least mentally did have the test of medvedev. That's gonna just take more out of you and of course physically that match certainly got physical. Are they just gonna take more out of you in one match jovovich Then zero has had taken out of him in its entirety in of his run. Here in paris. I mean on the clay. Against europe's got the weapon to at least make the pounds return uncomfortable. And he's got the sort of physicality to as the match gets longer. You withstand joe seats passes first and when it becomes a little bit harder for seats spouse to generate that first strike pace you know zero will be right there physically to still hang with him at the same time seats. You pass playing so decisive. And he's not going be shook by the moment and so often seize your of frozen by that moment that serve abandons him replaced such passive tennis. Play pass tennessee pass. It's gonna make you pay. I think that match goes the distance. I'll take gt in five. But i think both of these men's semi-finals get super super fun and again we have a fun. Day of women's semifinals ahead. It's going to be soccer. taking on is barbara crutches. cova pelech ova taking on tomorrow's don's very very fun day of matches so hopefully those will be good ones. And you know again. The men's semi-finals i guarantee you. Those are going to be exciting. Certainly we will talk about them a little bit. Tomorrow's podcast as those matches semi-final matches can end pretty early. So we'll try and get that out early enough to you all that you can listen to another preview of the matches but again we are guaranteed a first time slam champion here in the women's singles event at the two thousand twenty one french open. That's all we can ask for as tennis fans. Some excitement fueled into this year. Second major and of course. If you've missed any of the action from the two thousand twenty one..

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