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You know when I was a kid growing up in Philadelphia every now and then we go to the Philadelphia arena where they'd have the pro wrestlers And I would watch Bruno sammartino and tore Tanaka And a guy named Sam Rubin who was my mother's cousin and he became a common police court judge But I don't think any wrestlers made it like tyrus When you go by a first name Tyra that's a big deal And I've never met tyrus tyrus how are you sir I am great in honor of the pleasure I'm a big fan so I rely on you for a lot of common sense and cutting through the BS that we see today So it is a real honor to be here Well it is my honor And I want to tell you something I mean this from the bottom of my heart you're a remarkable man I went through your book or you were a remarkable man You're not only a tremendous physical specimen And by that I mean an athlete But you're like the common man's intellectual When I hear you on gutfeld show or the 5 or wherever you are I go wow that's pretty damn sharp You just bring a lot of common sense and intelligence to a lot of issues So let's get into this The book is called just tyrus and memoir You can get it on Amazon.com Any major bookstore And I'm telling you it's worth the read Tell everybody how you were brought up right away Well I came out I came out in the world fighting basically I leave the part of the book but I was too big for my mother I was about 90 pounds soaking wet and she was about 15 and a half when she was having me And they had to use the forceps and let me know what the force of star and they had to kind of move my head and pull me out I came out in the world with a black eye So I knew I was in for a fight Just about to jump But then it just kind of my mother was she was a white woman She was a 15 year old runaway And she unfortunately linked up with a 19 year old brother and it was considered statutory rate In Massachusetts all along with interracial marriages were illegal at the time in the 70s I think they eventually fixed the lonely 86 or something like that So he had to him and his family had to basically whisk her away to New Hampshire exit their New Hampshire where I was born where he wouldn't be arrested in the hospital Which for not just for statutory rate And she stayed there for a while and then they moved back and then shortly after that the abuse I believe that you started with kind of sudden it just kind of happened overnight My father my biological father thought it was obsessed with my mother cheating on him which was hilarious because he was the one who was doing the cheating but physically abuse her probably every time he went out to the bar he would come home paranoid weird drugs that got the best of them the last night excuse for bad behavior And he just kind of grew into a monster and it was my brother was born shortly after that And my mother was just terrified all the time So I was always my role was always trying to make her laugh or try to be happy and then one particular night things weren't just a little too far than normal He wanted her to braid his hair and my mother was terrified because for imagery just think of the color purple if you've ever seen that movie when she had to shave mister It was back to fear She nicked some poles of hair she's going to be on the wrong end of a back end for sure And typically during the time when he would come home or he would raise his voice I would go right under my bed And I would spend a lot of time in some cases I would wet myself instead of get up and go to the bathroom and I was just so afraid of him And I want to get people so but this particular night she was braiding his hair and earlier that day I had watched I think it was starsky and Hutch where a bad guy stabbed somebody and they just got stabbed in the back and they just died and so it was like very quick And so I made up my mind the next time that he was going to be my mother I was going to do that to him and then he wouldn't hurt us anymore And so now if you could set a watch to it she was doing his hair I think she used too much vaseline and he flipped out on her He started hitting her I came running out of the bedroom with the knife I think I was about four years old and I attempted to stab him Unfortunately at that point I was not familiar with how Hollywood worked or TV or stunts or the fact that it's quite an act of stab somebody And all it really did was piss him off and then he then turned the abuse towards me because at that point he was convinced and his superior intellect that there was no way I could be his son if I was to attack him with a knife So he held me out of the he was basically going to throw me out of a second story window and my mother was able to talk him down and it was amazing she took years of abuse from the man but once he turned it on me that's what triggered her enough to get out and she then reached out to her family who had she been estranged from for years and they basically one night sleeping And I.

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