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Overall of your job fox he has it guys listen we can't do anything about it were down fourteen nothing let's get out there and just take one step at a time let's find a way if we can get it at halftime in a one possession game that's a win for us all right for the to the other side of the green bay packers what's the message down your tackles tie montgomerie a question mark to return but certainly did not look promising the way he left the field headed to the locker room he was running the football well five carries twenty eight yards average of five point six per clip rogers has a pair of touchdowns on six of ten one to adams won to cobb what's the message if you're mike mccarthy and company don't relax to fourteen point lead everything's gone our way but there's a lot of football left it's a rivalry game we know this bears theme in so they're not going to lay down and water things you worry about when you get a big lead early that you relax a little bit and all of a sudden the urgency isn't there in so of mike mccarthy on prejean we have to come back out like we started the game play with some urgency come out were down guys pay off it's a line we want to run the ball jamal williams rookie let's go you're gonna get your chance right here take it back manager of the opportunity or will step aside whether delay here at lambeau fourteen did nothing advantage for the packers over the bears when we come back we'll rejoin scot graeme in our westwood one studios he'll be joined by mike mayock you're listening to thursday night football on westwood one all right listen putting didn't vent lunch now we're not really in that line of business but we did make much better because we are in that line of business.

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