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The company has been active in the Yukon for so long mining analyst. with the eagle gold mine we see the project is being relevant ID you know plus two hundred thousand LCF producer potential to be a lot of reading. from those of rarities in this market. what we need from the company is to be successful in office to what they're doing and we do believe that the company stands a good chance on delivering on those expectations the next step is to get the mining company running efficiently and safely. the work at hand. we plan to achieve. second quarter twenty Kurt mine life based on the reserve is just under eleven years. convert resource to reserve. another ten to fifteen years of my life. as it turns out this eagle gold mine isn't the only reason John o'connell is in the Yukon for the long haul. and for me personally the Yukon has been great to me I met my wife here for raising our daughter here. to have a home in white horse at home in male near the project. you've gone. as the Korean gold transitions from developer to producer and they start shipping gold out of the Yukon keep an eye on their share price. before you wrap up Chris Thompson.

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