Producer, DON, President Trump discussed on WTF with Marc Maron Podcast


If you got to have your caixin habits in idiosyncrasies and repetitions just so you don't fall apart so today on the show music producer in musician don was don was you would know you would see don while you know would don was is you know who he is was not was was his band but he's also prolific producer and now he's the he's the president a balloon o records and doing some cool things over there but this is a good conversation because he's worked with the stones exclusive week and a lot at an of not exclusively of that why do you can use that were but but he produced a last one blue remote some and he's work with the stones before and i miss stones person so i'm just giving you stones people ahead up that there's some good chat about producing the rolling stones and also by working with the stones but also some good talk about a remastering instead of their music talk but i i was engaged in i like it and i like seeing him in my garage because he was always always want those guys a base player generally and he kassian in backing bands here and there over the years he's got these dreads in this will be heard in usually wear sunglasses and a hat in the like there's that guy and i talk to that guy and he's done a lot of stuff and it was kind of a a great talk so that's happening that's happening today momentarily all right i do want to tell you about my experience at the sag awards if you didn't play i mean what you can only watch so much but first out of the gate here some guy call me out here in the email subject line radio shack questionmark question my question my question mark hi mark.

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