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What's coming up on the CBS to morning news starting at four thirty. And joining us this morning is Erin Kennedy. Good morning. We're following breaking news out of the Mt. Greenwood neighborhood right now in also officer shoots someone in Chicago. That's all we know right now. But we are live on the scene. Working new information. Plus officer Davison Van Dyke. Takes a stand in his own defense. We break down the significant moments and look ahead at when the case could wrap up also a community meeting will be held tonight and Rogers park now that we know too violent and random murders. Have been connected, we'll see at four thirty on CBS to thank Sharon WBZ. Am News time coming up on three fifty three four members of a California based white supremacist group known as the rise above movement have been arrested on charges of traveling to Charlottesville Virginia to incite a riot and attack counter protesters. White nationalist rally in August of last year that turned deadly from California US attorney for the western district of Virginia Thomas, Colin these folks were members of organized Rupe engaging in criminal activity in multiple jurisdictions. And for that reason they race to the top of our priority group is ram or rise above movement their affection for social media helped investigators both identify them in document allegations. Benjamin Drake daily Thomas. Walter Gillan, Colin white and Michael Palmer Selous all face up to ten years. Masella lost his job at Northrop Grumman after he was identified in a story by PBS frontline and propublica that same story led to the end of a Camp Lejeune marines career, four CBS.

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