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But i don't. I really don't have any regrets. Really don't i've i've lived exactly how wanted to. I've tried my hardest every single time. I didn't win the matches. Maybe i should have always wind. Or but i really gained a mile so that for me. Hello everybody welcome back to the body. Serve jonathan and james at this point as of this recording there is one last run of thirty two third round match going on. Yeah we're cheating a little bit. We're recording on saturday and will probably release the episode on sunday. But thank you. All england club for continuing your tradition of no tennis on sunday. It gives us a nice break The fifth set between tillage and of has just started. And this does not look good for merrin chile before we get into that Welcome to our wimbledon mid slam recap. We're going to skip the dawdling because they're so much to get through. I don't even know where to start. Are we telling the truth. This time we always say that. And then we doddle nonetheless. Well there there you dawdling. A lot of things have happened in the first week of wimbledon. It'll make four. I think it will help with the pace of the episode because we can just kinda bullet point our way through. And i'd say there. They were more upsets on the women's side than on the men's side yet and some of these. We talked about the possibility of when we did. The draw analysis and others were a bit out of left field. One that i think people saw was a possibility was sloan beating petric viva in the first round. I don't know that. I called it but it's not getting call it no or like well don't look pass slow right. It's not entirely shocking. But it is still i mean. Petra is a two-time wimbledon champion. It's a draw. Buster is what is sloan. Beat her six. Three six four straight sets before going on to lose to samson ovo in the third round. One of almost a handful of women who have parlayed their warm-up prowess into second week runs wimbledon and right and the way simpson over is winning these matches for some people. She feels unbeatable. You know and a lot of players do look like that in the first week and then they're beaten of course but she prulev before taking out stevens. She's in really as good a form as anyone. At the moment kenan lost a bengal in Forty five minutes and she hit forty one errors and there was a lot of talk about this match. The loss was so quick and looked so bad. That ben rothenberg created a stat to explain what happened in. Just how bad it was. It was the rate of unforced errors Meaning they stole many errors per minute. Yes she hit. It was almost one per minute. Forty one errors over forty five minutes. How does this happen. I mean you could almost see it if she were a huge ball. Bashar like sometimes when saba linka goes haywire. You see a huge number of errors. But what the hell will what happens is that. She's one of the fastest players on tour. She doesn't often take a lot of time between points. And once that train is off the rails it just it's crushing downhill. Yeah a wrangle is a very. She's a very annoying player. If you're not playing well but this have to say in this. Fashion was unforeseen. Look she's been going through a lot of ups and downs in the last year or so. This is an unfortunate down for her but for me the most the most surprising part of this result given the context that we were made aware of just how bad it was. She still wants six games right. Losing forty five minutes. You hit forty one errors. You play this historically bad match but he still win. Six games like that's crazy. There wasn't a double bagel. No i mean a function of grass and how quickly things go on grass and how quickly in herself please but still bianca under q loss to elysee cornell. On the first day six two six one gournay who's had a bunch of success at this tournament but who then went on to lose in the next round right undressed. You looks out of sorts. At the moment at the very least she was able to play a bunch of tournaments without injuries so that is one positive she can take from this experience. Spend alina loses in the second round to magdalena and belinda. Bench loses in the first round to keva. Yeah.

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