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That you know and and a lot of times they they pay guys like me to script doctors cranky exactly come in and and look it over and crank it out and then it's assigned to some other guys name goes on it because of the money deal or whatever in the union well i will tell you i love everything about what you do because you aren't addressed you are just there to you know to sort of take the second third fourth hand information and and and build you know kind of spooky yogi show out of it you're really you go to those places and when we're talking about the mojave those are some pretty scary places or especially at night and the episodes that you shoot for your youtube channel where i know you are sleeping out in the desert at night right by myself yourself for people who don't know let's lay out the mojave because it's so big and yet they may be familiar with different sections of it like death valley or hidden valley or kind of a scope of the of the of the mojave mojave you could kind of consider it a giant triangle area in the middle of the south california there's death valley at the top over to the right over to vegas and then down to joshua tree and then in that center areas there's the mojave national preserve and then you go to the west and you hit palmdale and it starts leading into the sierra nevada mountains bishop and all that area so it's a giant area of desert that encompasses both mountains and what you would consider classic desert you know rocks and scrubs and an endless vistas but it does have a variation in elevations that will give you all sorts of different terrain and the experiences that come with that train i mean up in the mountains pine trees you go up to thirteen thousand feet you'll have snow you'll have a whole different ecosystem and i like exploring all of.

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