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David Bell, You're coming off a one in six home stand Now back on the road. When you have a home stand where you No, like you said it didn't didn't go the way we planned and We just have to continue to find ways to To keep getting better, But there is a level of confidence from going through things like this before that, you know that we can we can count on and one guy that's trying to help a you radio Suarez out of his slump, He said he only 1 77 is the red hot Nick Castano's. It's tough man, You know, it's It's tough and I've been. I've been where he's at before where it's just The game just feels Probably a little bit impossible. And it Zhar. Tyler Malli will go for the Reds tonight in the opener. He's looking to rebound from that 19 to 4 lost to the Giants last Thursday. Mac's shares or counters for the Nationals tonight. He's foreign two on the season, tied for third in the National League was 76 strikeouts on the year. Nationals feature manager Dave Martinez, who coached the Reds and 1992, also Princeton, and you see product Josh Harrison in Middletown date of Kyle Schwarber. College Baseball nine A.m. game time today in Clearwater, Florida America Conference tournament since it Andy Bear Cats versus UCF Bangles Update majority of the roster expected this morning and the Bangles began. Oh ta, said. Paul Brown Stadium Soccer FC Cincinnati defender Geoff Cameron has been named to the MLS team of the week and Yaps Thomas, the coach of the week in the MLS. After FCC's went over Montreal on Saturday. The FCC back in action versus the New England Revolution, this Saturday afternoon at T QL Stadium, Bill Dennison, 700 WLW sports to remind pet owners that progressive covers pets in our auto policy. At no extra.

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