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He's going to be able handle the team. I'm told about setting the team up on a particular game on a particular date. That is a collaborative. That is a collaborative decision amongst I would probably say 23 guys that are putting that line up together. You want creativity. You want the ability for guys to be able to play multiple positions that gives you flexibility. Look at other teams in Major League baseball. Look, a look at what the Rays have been other organizations successful franchises. So yeah, when you have McNeil and I get McNeil is not a natural left fielder on this team. He's going to play left field because he was not good at third base and JD Davis. Is now going to be your third baseman, and Jimenez has earned playing time. That's why Robbie Cano is gonna have to find a little bit of a different role with this team because you would be doing this team a massive disservice. If you do not have Jimenez played getting meaningful at bats Mohr often than not for this team, that's how good he has been through the 1st 20 games. I think it's about his defense. It just it's it's a game changer. It's it's you just cannot put a price on it. And it's something that the Mets have ignored for so long. Hector's in Washington Heights. What's up factor? There we go. A little movement. Hector. What's going on? Brother happened? Let me start with how many times have we seen games where the men have given up runs where we say, Oh my gosh, A better defensive player could have saved that run. And in the end of losing so, beside all for a better defensive team I'm going to say was runs. As far as irrational hope, Maggie. I am alone in head first day with you. I tell you, you get what I'm talking about. Right, Hector? You get what I'm talking about this familiar feeling That happens every once in a while every season. Actually, not every once in a while. It happens every season, and it's happening for me heading into this filly. Siri's absolutely mean Maggie, listen. I'm so irrational that I'm still hoping that we can actually win the division. Like I don't see that from The models are in first place, Mark. Everybody expected Monte to be nothing. I learned that you know, I respect what they're doing, but they're placing We do that we get in a little hot streak other been known to do. They seem to just hate plane in June July, So now we're through that we're in months. I already anyone knows that once the call and complain about how hard you must not be trained attention, I mean the guy's doing a great job. He's made the adjustment already. Whether it be with the line of removing J B. The third base like that was a great move to me where there was putting Dominick first baseball couple of games. Maybe he'll get his head looking happening now would be a lousy so Like you always say that. We can criticize managers, but playing gonna perform guys that play is gonna perform, and I think he's in a position to succeed. Back down with you. And I think that one thing that's kind of flown under the radar a little bit. The last couple games is they got a little reinforcement for the bullpen to Hugh's rock. Other guys that you, Khun, go, Teo and that ideas and familia have actually been good. The one thing that surprised me a little about the uses of Bataan sous an actor, Thanks for the call. It's you. I don't know. I guess I'm still kind of figuring out how they're using Betances. Maybe they're tryingto, you know. Bring him back a little bit, so I don't know. I guess I thought I don't know what I thought was gonna happen with pretentious, but it's been a little bit different than that. I had first anticipated, but I'm not complaining about it on something. I kind of noticed. Tom is in New Jersey Had Tom How are you? Hi, Maggie. Thanks for picking my koi moves. How you doing, buddy? Tom, you know that one core to closing alone was a little boy. You know, he was right. I was disappointed when they started gentleman in the open or not, because they started the moment I thought he lost a missed opportunity by given more options. Issued through killer made for two winnings. Throw gentleman then put Lou go for two innings stretch. Then you would have had to three guys with a bullpen session going into your next series when you could expect each one of them to 50 to Sonny. Five pitches. Now, why don't I want to go in the bullpen? Jeez. I saw what he did to years ago on a spot start in Yankee Stadium going against our so called a that reasonable result of that. So he's the only one in that bullpen That could give you problems. Dominance right after Jake. He needs a loan of rotation. But you got the time. Tom. How do you How do you pronounce Robertsname? About a gentleman. Zelman is up for a second. I was like, you know what baby Tom's right and we're wrong, because who knows who put the next one and I'm not making fun of the time. I was just curious how you pronounce that name because I mispronounced names all the time. So I was just curious where you're going with that book. Listen, I grew the about luego. The probably have, though. Time is this is you don't have time to play with. You don't you just act like Don't be so cryptic guy out. That's all it takes. I don't know, dealing with the UCL. Slight tear or micro tear. Whatever. I'm a medical professional. It's better for him to go every five days on 100 pitches when he stretched out to save them to other three games. Thomas listen, he wants to be a starter. We're speaking the same language. The very one that could be really sorry. I don't think the Mets are going to do that this year because I don't think they cost the other guys. In the back into that bullpen. I agree, you know, and Lugo's made it clear last offseason. What's that Luego wanted flyer in this rotation? They want to play head but sportingly leave him in the bullpen. The shot walk once a week. We see them. Once this week one Well, that's the bullpen is loaded. We don't need them in there right now. We're boys. I don't know, Dude. I mean, realises. I don't know. I don't trust e as in. You got to see a lot of ideas live in me. Diaz is quietly over the last six outings. This is the job back nine innings of Dominique. Now I know it's.

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