Ben Rothlisberger, Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show


Now, I can't comment on whether or not been Rothlisberger is a racist. I don't know. I haven't met the man I've been in the locker room with the man. I also don't know Rashard mendenhall and I can't trust simply his accusation. I know for one thing it's an accusation. That's thrown around readily today. It's an accusation used to. Be the sort of winning argument in the debate Rothlisberger. May maybe he may not be. But I do know this. The Steelers are an absolute. Sixty four car pileup. They are a nightmare. And it's absolutely shocking. How many individuals have contributed to this drama how many current and former players in Pittsburgh are willing to go into the public sphere? And throw each other under the bus in leaves you coming away with a couple of conclusions about three different guys at a minimum three different guys involved in this drama. Let's start with Ben Rothlisberger. Let's start with the Super Bowl winning hall of fame quarterback. To assume at this point of Ben Rothlisberger is somehow blameless in the overall drama in Pittsburgh, set aside, the racist accusations. I can't. Address that but I can't address the overall dysfunction locker room drama player. Players going at each other. I can't address that in a Ben Rothlisberger is clearly a part of all of that. He is clearly as a supposed leader on that football team. Someone who hasn't brought that team together who at least some players that locker room. Don't see as a leader. They wanna follow Ben Rothlisberger is clearly somebody who shoulder some of the blame of the dysfunction and drama in Pittsburgh. You know who else is number two. Mike tomlin. Mike Tomlin is an extremely likable coach it seems like many players who played for him want to he's a player's coach..

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