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Welcome back to the Mark Reardon show Red Young sitting in for the vacationing Mark Reardon. So On with our Reardon Lis round table. You know who we're talking to. Today? Jean Evans, executive director of the Missouri Republican Party, and Jeff Smith, former Democrat senator and critically acclaimed author. I want to change topics a little bit here because the other one of the other big stories of the week involved Wesley Bell. And ST Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell yesterday finally answered the question that has followed him really, since the beginning of his political campaign. Will he charge former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the 2014 shooting death of Michael Brown? The answer? We now know is no. So I'm gonna go to Eugene because Jean Did we need to reopen this can of worms. Was this necessary? And what do you think of the way Wesley Bell handled this? Well, I think he came to the right conclusion. I mean, this was investigated by Obama's Justice Department. A CZ. Well, as you know, Obama cough when he was in an office, so I don't know why he felt that he needed to do that. But he did, and he came to the same conclusion. Unfortunately, it sparked more protests. Um, I don't think I don't think that continuing to look at that case. Helps anybody And that doesn't mean that we don't need to do more toe hold. All of our public servants accountable whether they're police there anyone anyone else, But I don't think continuing to push on this case, which, clearly that police officer did everything he was supposed to do. It just had unfortunate ending. I don't think that was the right tactic to take. Hopefully, now we can just put this to rest forever. Jeff. Why? Why is it that this is an ongoing lingering issue, And you think that Wesley Bell made the right call? Yeah, I think you know again as team said he made the same call as the DOJ. As the investigation by the DOJ uncovered, most of the witnesses accounts either corroborated or leaned more towards Officer Wilson's account. Ban the original account that that Michael Brown's counterpart had given, some of which he later retracted. And so I think he came. Tio Wesley Bell came to the right conclusion he had promised as part of his campaign that he would take a close. Look at this. The issues arising from Ferguson were some of the key issues that motivated Wesley to run for county prosecutor in the first place. And I think he felt it felt like he owed it to the citizens of the county and the people who had helped get him elected to take another look at this, and I think it dumb. Uh, it's a it can, As Jean said, hopefully put this to bed and let us get to what we ought to be doing, which is looking the underlying issues which contributed And continue to contribute to lingering inequalities in the ST Louis region and get to work trying Tio fulfill a lot of the recommendations from the Ferguson report. Also in the news. Obviously this weekend coming up on Tuesday, August 4. We've got the primary election so that the big news here, of course, is ST Louis County executive that the Democrat primary race They're going to choose the presumptive county executive. We've got Sam Page We've got Markman Vanni, Jake Zimmerman and Jamie Toliver. I want to go back to you, Gene. A cz. You look at this race. A race relations and the response to covert 19 are those the two defining issues for this race. I think they're pretty big and you know this is a Democrat race and I'm not a Democrat. So it's it's going to be up to Democrat voters. If you don't mind. I'd like to do a little public service message. Because I've been getting so many calls about this. There are a lot of people who are going to go to the polls and vote this primary. You've never voted in the primary before, And they don't understand that they have to pull a ballot for a particular party. So if they want to vote in the Republican primary, we have two candidates than they would pull. Way of two candidates for that race, they would pull a Republican ballot. If they want to vote on the county executive the Democratsside, then they need to ask for that ballot and vote on that side the same thing in the city. I know we have city residents who want to be involved in the prosecuting attorney's race or the circuit attorneys Q B. And maybe they'd never voted before, So they need to make sure they pull the right ballot and have an information before they go to the polls, But I'm not sure what's gonna happen here. This is a really interesting race, especially if they're being four way. I think Jamie Toliver being the only female and the only African American gives her an edge, even though she has lower name I d. But when you're ever you're the on ly one of something Only female. I think you get a little bit of an edge, so we'll see what happens. But I think it's going to be a pretty think it's gonna be a pretty close and highly watched race. I'm sure Jeff agrees with that. But Jeff how What do you see is the main issues in this race and from your perspective? Do you see any of the on the Democratsside? Do you see any of them in particular having an edge? First. If Jean believes that that Jamie Caliber has the edge than I just like to see it right now, for you know, with your listening audience there, 15 would like to make a bet you a steak dinner on whether or not she wins, since you think she has the edge. I don't think she's going to win. I just think that she will. Even though she has a raised into money, I think that she's going to get more support than people might think, because she doesn't have a lot of the mighty No, I'm not taking it that nice. Tried O okay. I'm always looking to get a steak dinner. Whatever. I can't. So one of the issues that play is what you asked Brad And I think coming out of the Steve Stenger, Uh Debacle in the county. I think people were looking not for the most charismatic Democrat, not for the most ideological or, you know, super liberal Democrat I think people were looking, you know, largely for confidence and not a ton of charisma, and I think in the middle of a pandemic People generally theme to be comfortable with having someone whose political and policy decisions are informed by his medical background. That's not to say Brad that he's making decisions as a physician. I do think it's helpful to be ableto understand? As I said, I understand the data and understand..

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