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Our of what Nikki crosses foes to be. No, she had a unique character in exte-. She did not fit in traditional wrestling scenario, resting faction. She's different. She's unique. But I can't describe much better anymore thoroughly because I don't know. That's a project. I'd say that establishing who is Nikki cross is a big obstacle for creative. Not obstacle. You. Can't get it done. But it needs to be addressed. Because right now, I don't care anything about her because I don't know who she is. Maybe that's my bad. Sour ring of honor stars, Chris saving and flip. Gordon? Both got knee injuries. I wish my best gentleman. He'll fast he'll say on. And don't rush it. Knees or any joint. Is not worth the not worth the hurry. No, set yourself back. Get healed up. So vessel up to you guys to really good towns, by the way. Oh, by the way ring of honor, sign Hispanic star rush. Baton hand. He had some good outings earlier in the year two thousand eighteen with M L w and their emphasis Courtney Bauer he now with exclusively understand with ring. Von so ring of honor's, not laying back and Wales cutting deals and signing talent there there right there in the hunt as well and good for them. I was listening last Thursday on Sirius XM's busted open when my favorite shows. It is my favorite radio show period. Because I listed every day. If I missed the first go round, I watched a list of the refi. But less money through Friday folks from nine to noon eastern and channel ninety three Jerko. Chris jerk was on there..

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