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How does Raj even choose it? All right, Max, let's get down to it. Let's go to tomorrow's action Classic Thanksgiving matchup between Washington football team and the Dallas Cowboys one minute House Cowboy's gonna win the game. Washington's pretty good up front defensively and you know something for his bad is the NFC East is I may not call it the worst division of all time anymore, simply because there's no New York jets in the division. You know, like they're actually NFL teams. Washington does certain things well, the Giants have been playing defense. Well, Dallas has been just beat. The Vikings Vikings just cleaned out the NFC North. But but lost to the Cowboys and, um And the Eagles, for all their problems are capable of beating some NFL teams. I like the Cowboys here. I like the direction Mike McCarthy as the team going in. I noticed it first against the Eagles. Three games ago, four weeks ago. Now he had him ready to play and they scored on that first drive. And even though they lost by two touchdowns, I said, Wait a minute. McCarthy is coaching these guys up a little bit. Now I could start to see it and then against Pittsburgh. They almost beat Pittsburgh. That's an undersea the team and then against the Vikings. They actually beat the Vikings who were on a roll. Cowboys are better. They're gonna win. All right course in the game of Ravens and Steelers were hoping to see that tomorrow night, but I already talked to you about your feelings on that. So let's just stick to on the field represents dealing. Steelers Gonna win the game. The rate I think the Steelers air better. I think the Ravens would be very motivated. But given what just happened, I think the Steelers will have extra motivation. They're going to play with a chip on their shoulder. And the reasons won't be a 100%. And considering the way both these teams are trending I like you know, I went back and forth on this picks. I think Steelers air better right.

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