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Have to always be prepared to be ready to play and be ready to go through any challenges that was kinda my first challenge for me to take a look back sit back on the sidelines and and sure syracuse with their shirkers with ryan mathews at the time to great running backs and it was a different office for me was an office that i've never been a part of but it was something that for me not having the individuals assess and the team says it was something that i look back and you know the game is short the game is so short lived that you have to take every opportunity and run with it no matter what it is a matter if it's one carry here twenty years you never know when you'll get that next opportunity so for me sitting back at at at that year two years ago it was a defining moment just to stay the course continue to work all right never changed my peparation i never in never made about me never so can got mad if people are just looked in the mirror simply and how can i get better how can i use this opportunity no matter what it is so matter for security will play here in and be the best i can be and for me it was i was able to take a look take a closer look to see how important a game amazing dimarco we go back in two thousand fourteen you basically set the cowboys single season rushing record eighteen hundred and forty five rushing yards and i know that football players don't pay attention of fancy football but a lot of us do and over the last five seasons you are third amongst running backs and fantasy points with twelve hundred fifty eight behind only levy on bell and the shawn mccoy you turned thirty years old and february how much football do you have left because there's a lot of people feel like when running backs get to thirty they hit a certain wall where do you feel like you are at physically in terms that perception that exists out there i feel fine physically mentally mostly i feel great it's been great for me to not be on the team for the all season only because i've been able to take a step back i had a couple of hampshire's last year and i've been able to spend a lot of time with my family reflect on my career reflect on what i wanna do in the future and figure out hey what's my next steps what do i wanna do and and for me i've been able to do that a lot of time my family traveling kind of get away from football a little bit and clear my mind sort speed so i feel great and i know the threshold for running backs when you turn a certain age and people start the question whether you can be the same dominant player that you can't be but i think it all the individual case and for me i've always taking great care of my body i've always done things the right way on the field and maintained a a great eating habit at work out habit to make sure that i'm ready to withstand a in grueling nfl season so it's i think it's all individually based i feel great mentally physically and emotionally too you know carry it on you make sure the travel where could travel to this off season a lot of places a lot of places in went to was in germany i went to jews actually got back from kabul with romo and a lot of dallas new york and obviously back on the las vegas spend time with my family and and things that you don't really get a chance to do because you're training you're not as and things of that nature and i've been able just to re reflect on on just my career and things that i wanted to move forward and and trying to just have a four year old and a two year old so spending time with with those two as been great for me 'cause i obviously don't get to spend as much time if you're in if you're in football mode things the foreign two year old to germany and kabul with the romo family as well or they were left buying they were left behind the most trips but they they got a chance to go to.

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