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Yeah Now I am I like. But even. That's what it is for me. It's. They're both great and. So. Good job to John Beland and Ginger Cumin Ego whose names we now remember. You're doing great and we know those names now. Me, no thanks brown for email exempt Brown. Okay. So I'm. This is also from Brown Actually also sent the same day I think she sent this one made listen, and then she sent the She finished so that's icy. So that's why they're out of order, I. She locked out of the. Shoe. All right so brand says the subject is your latest podcast which would be one thirty eight. Isn't that Ben's reading Oh. Is that the one band reading? This woman's copy copy. Okay I'm sorry I misunderstood the the order. As I than the other one. Somebody doing this one. No, I mean I'll just read this one first, and then you can do that. Has that. This one you do it through. The one. Okay, so, I'm reading one in the slack road this lack now, okay? Cars really. Only said this and that and be. Different things at different times. Car Blinds. We didn't know which. Is a real. Karsh Blunt, man. Under the title of this episode. Really enjoying the enrich format, even visit longer partway thought I'd share actions. Is I listen? I really appreciate your sharing love errands. Thoughts about how pandemic may prime does recognize or accept possibility of radical or sudden change I've seen a lot of violence, protesting and rioting in my life in apparent change, the feels different to me. A Fed uprising I like. That Ben's observation about how we are framing. The problem really caught me I feel this is trap and fell into. We seem to stop it individual action like little more. Like somehow it will all work out if we feel better. That's a trap for me at least Hannah. Talking about the author who didn't anticipate the results was commissioned book about racism modern, day example, the guy who goes through the art of the deal often speaks about how shitty he feels, but the consequences of writing that unintended consequences are paralysing the difficult to contemplate lately. I've been feeling this about my firm firm. Embrace of recycling that I worry about where it was all going. No I didn't then clearly doesn't give a shit about what Larry beliefs. Talk Larry Baco the president of harbor. Talk about when they see us, maybe think about how some evangelical many Christian politicians love to heap on the deterioration of family cohesion when denying the need for any social support programs it self inflicted never connect the dots or fight for racial racial justice. Why is supposed force for good Christian values such failure long podcast long email blizzard mom on. Yet great great thoughts I appreciate that mom gave us all A. A gave A. Little Shoutout things. All of us said that made me feel good. And I'm really glad she didn't play favorites. and. As I wasn't reading it along, and so when she didn't say my name first or second thought maybe she wasn't going to say my name. He should've reordered that to to show some proper fucking respect. I really liked the term fed uprising. At two. I wrote that down, and that's a really interesting example I have heard the guy who goes through art of the deal. Talk about how much he regrets it so. I know I don't know I. Wonder if the historian who wrote that awful history ever had any of the same feelings, or if he just never really thought about it again, you know. Or if he ever knew what happens. The. Yeah I mean. That's the other thing about unintended consequences right they can be. Generations down the line. Really Yeah, that's scary makes you wanNA just like. cloister in your own home for months at a time. Thank goodness. And will have its own unintended consequences, though you know that it can be paralyzing, but also it's like it's the every. Every action has consequences so? That's true. I feel like also the I don't know I I also don't totally agree with framing that. That guy who wrote the initial history of the like kind of defined race in whiteness as not unintended consequences. Skipping. Part of that whole like whatever that group was that the king was in that had an economic interest in keeping slavery. liven in. Everything, so I feel like some of those consequences were decidedly intended. Yeah, that's history point. It's not like he's looking at fucking victim. Right, so yeah. You know what they say. Eat beans you're going to get gas. That's what they say. Come up without any think about it. Like on every action has consequences that. We'll pop into my head. That's what someone says. It's you. I accidentally earlier this week. I called myself facetious instead of capricious in a meeting. And couldn't remember what I meant to say..

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