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Oh score of coming up estrela quarterly shebang for her freshman year investigators have received close to eighteen thousand tips the reward now more than two hundred thirty thousand dollars david out spreads tonight alex thank you to the index a former police officer indicted on a murder charge accused of killing a teenager in dallas suburb 15yearold jordan edwards was killed when officer roy oliver fired into her car full of teens oliver i claim the teens were aggressively backing in his direction but bodycam video confirm they were driving away several homes are under evacuation orders tonight after that massive sinkhole opened in a tampa area neighborhood heavy construction equipment will napn broadened cleanup debris from the same coal which grew to more than two hundred feet in diameter fifty feet wide swallowing to homes in a vote five other homes remained impassable right now too artificial sweeteners and wait tonight studies in the canadian medical association journal looked at several health indicators four hundred thousand people who say they chose artificial sweeteners and found modest increases in bodyweight rather than weight loss over a decade of use and a passing report tonight from hollywood academy awardwinning actor martin landau whose career spanned more than seven decades has died lando chief start him for his role on the hit tv show mission impossible in the late '60s landau would win an oscar for his supporting role as bela lugosi alongside johnny depp in the 1994 tim burton bio pic ed woodley the brooklynborn after more recently appeared is film producer bob bryan hbo hits entourage and what we didn't know landau also turned down a very famous role invitation to play mr spock he was eighty nine funny tonight here america strong to retriever whose family tells us he never retrieved anything but he did this weekend here's abc's gio benitez.

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