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Senior film writer, Matt Donnelly says BTS is taking this event cinema concept and tapping into the wallets of a younger generation their documentary. Burn the stage goes behind the scenes of the band's two thousand seventeen tour and includes interviews along with sweeping shots from their live performances. Donnelly says this kind of a concert film has big appeal for fans and polishes abandoned mythology gives you glimpses of their earlier work together. How they write but their processes, maybe the fun. They had squabbles. But then sort of excessively as reverent around what their performance pieces are kind of like a piece of iconography fans that have says like, you know, all everything you're feeling is justified. Because here we are. The previous events cinema ticket selling record was held by one direction and their two thousand fourteen documentary where we are now. Donnelly says it's sort of set the world on fire. You're talking about mass exposure. Repressed Chrissy charting before you get to the actual success of the concert. Which is what makes the success of BTS even more impressive. Yes. I think that of relatively unknown in the US still passengers. Successful appearances at award shows that there is a big niche audience for up here at home. That's Matt Donnelly writer with variety talking about the new record held by the k pop band BTS most ticket sales for an event cinema production. You're listening to all things considered.

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