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Property. How does that make us different from the cops or dropping Blackman in the street. Wake was shot seven times. He survived but is unable to move from the waist. Down, Charlie Harder Come. O'Neill's. The debate over police de funding in Tacoma looks similar to other cities. But Commerce Ryan Harris tells US City leaders they say they need more community input. The survey sent two to Coleman's got one of the biggest response is ever and the respondents, nearly three quarters of them White. They favor cutting police funding and investing that money into housing jobs and other things that could help communities of color Council member Chris Beals says they need to recognize people are reacting to the idea that black and Brown people are being harmed by traditional policing. And I think it's important to listen to those voices in to figure out where there's opportunities to do reform and transformation, where there might be opportunities to look at other models that may lead to the objective goals that the community is asking for. Other members point to a common answer that police are unresponsive. They questioned whether that would improve with fewer officers, with several questioning whether the response is truly reflect. The community Council staff says they plan to do more outreach and get more input. Ryan Harris camo news And Alaskan man is charged with arson and federal court for attempting to destroy the Seattle Police Department's East Precinct Co. Mohs to Romero with the latest assistant U. S Attorney Todd Greenberg says 19 year old Desmond David Pitts is charged with one count of arson for maliciously trying to destroy the police precinct, which is in part federally funded penalties include a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison and up to 20 years up to a $250,000 fine and up to three years of supervised release. Fitz was arrested after video surveillance showed people lighting fires around the East Precinct Monday night and using quick cement on the door to trap officers. Inside, they were able to kick their way out. No other arrests have been made. See Romero camo news and still to come on coma. Dining at the Pike Place Market. I'm Corwin Headache. Outdoor restaurants are popping up all over..

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