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What a welcome back. Us senator rand. paul republican from kentucky. Good morning senator. Tom thanks for having me. Yes sir you've had some great exchanges with the dr anthony cheese so when i ask you about these Emails that The washington post and others have reported on from this Foia it seems like Fouled she knew all along certainly about the possible lab leak in wuhan began. Seems like he was very troubled early on that there was gain of function. He's like what what gain of function still going on. I thought we paused. It seemed unclear about whether or not the gain of function research. How i got started again and move on. And i think he was very concerned. Although he doesn't say in the email concerned that he continued to fund this through h even though they were doing gay to function. This is really the The red herring. This is the thing that wants people know this. This is Explosive that he knew about the gain of function and he's trying to cover it up. There's also email exchanges with this guy. Peter zank who was the actual funder so h was giving money to echo health alliance. Which is peter zank. Who's giving the money to wuhan. Well when they call for an investigation..

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