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Reaction to the funding package has been mixed. 80,000 extra home care packages are the centerpiece of the government's $17.7 billion response to the aged Care Royal Commission. The money will also go towards ensuring people in residential age care received a minimum of three hours and 20 minutes of Cara Day, including 40 minutes with a registered nurse. The treasure just Fried and Berg says the government rule also support new training places for carers. An increase safety audits. This is a very comprehensive program off initiatives, a response to the Royal Commission and I think we'll make a real difference on the ground in Yates from Council on the Aging says the funding is unprecedented. We think this is a very good start. Totally transforming the aid kit system. However, the A CTU argues it doesn't do enough to address low wages and insecurity in this sector, while the nursing union says some K measures won't be implemented until 2023 should happen sooner. Labor is warning The federal budget lacks any plan to pay down a dead bill climbing to nearly $1 trillion, But the government insists it's spending is driving economic recovery. Taken cagey reports from Parliament house. The budget predicts a post covert economic rebound, which the government says is driven in part by tens of billions of dollars worth of infrastructure spending, stimulus and tax breaks. But those measures leave the budget deep in the red this year's $161 billion deficit. We followed by at least four more years. In the red Treasurer Josh Friday, Berg says that spending has helped Australia through once in a generation crisis, and we spent Has required, but shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers says it's a problem which eventually needs to be tackled. There's no sense of a plan about how the government will get that back under control. The budget assumes international travel remains heavily restricted until at least mid next year, which Mr Fried, Enberg says is a cautious and conservative estimate. Victoria's Health Minister, Martin Farley says he's disappointed the budget did not allocate funding for a purpose. Built quarantine harp on Melvin's and Northern French. The state government wants $200 million in federal funds to build the Howard Spring style 500 beds centric Niccolo. Victoria chipping in 15 million for the design. Mr Farley says the proposal remains on the table and the Commonwealth should urgently funded. We're very disappointed that the Commonwealth hasn't stumped up. It would appear to help get us through the global pandemic in keeping outboard, decisive Victoria and all the states have stepped in to make sure hotel quarantine is delivered. Health authorities are waiting to see if they'll be any covert transmission in Victoria following a positive case in Melbourne's north yesterday, huh? Another Gordon reports. The Victorian government has launched a full scale health response. Following yesterday's news. A man in his thirties tested positive for covert 19 after undergoing quarantine in South Australia. Several explosions sites have been identified in Epping alternate North and Melvin's CBD. Today, authorities will prioritize the job of tracing down those who've bean at this. Lines. But covert response commander Jeroen Y. Mar says it appears some patrons from at least one venue failed to use the state's Q R code tracing system. The man who tested positive is isolating and all of his household contacts have returned negative results. The list of public exposure. Science has grown over nicely to Metro train services added as Tier two sites passengers who called a craggy burn to Southern Cross or Flinders Street to Craig Burn service on the evening of Friday, the seventh of May. Basket tested and isolates until returning a negative test result. Anyone who is it any of those stations throughout the night should monitor the symptoms. Historians arriving in Sydney for this morning must complete the declaration form confirming they have not attended an exposure site was intending to enter testimonial in the I. C T, who had exposure sites during this two times must obtain exemptions before entering Means that health is anyone arriving in the state from tomorrow who has been to an exposure side during those specific periods last night to take two weeks hotel quarantine. Similar measures are in place for western Australia and the Northern territory. Safe now, and all nine victims, including seven Children, who died in a school shooting in Kazan in central Russia, has been formally identified. Europe correspondent Let investor reports The Children world teenagers in their eighth year of schooling on the two adults worked at the school. One was a 25 year old English teacher who died while trying to protect one of her students. The alleged shooter has been identified in the Russian media as a 19, year old former student of this school and the registered owner of a shotgun. He has been detained by police. The shooting rampage began on Tuesday morning, and students could be seen leaping from the third floor windows of the school building to escape. Authorities in Kazan have now formally identified the victims, and President Vladimir Putin has ordered a review of gun ownership laws. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have fired more than 130 rockets from Gaza towards the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, killing at least one person. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, says an asshole heavy price for their belligerence. BBC's Sebastian Usher. Reports rocket after rocket emerged from Gaza into the night sky, Israel's Iron dome system could be seen trying to intercept them in television. Siren sounded and explosions were heard. Hamas had promised to respond shortly after a residential tower was flattened in Gaza City, Israel said that its residents have been warned to leave before the attack. The major escalation that had been feared in this latest confrontation between Israel and Hamas now seems to have occurred. U. S. Authorities say some states are likely to experience a crunch in petrol supplies as the result of a cyber attack on the operators of a major oil pipeline. North America correspondent Barbara Miller reports. A number of states, including Georgia and North and South Carolina received 70% of their gasoline via the affected pipeline on his long lines form at petrol pumps. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is urging consumers not to hoard. It's not that we have a gasoline shortage. It's that we have this supply crunch. It's expected to be several more days before the pipeline is fully operational again. The Biden administration says there's no indication and nation state is behind the attack. It has suggested it likely originated in Russia. Barbara Miller, ABC News Washington back home now, and the outcome of the test, namely in state election was too close to call last night, but Result should become clear today. Adam Langenberg has Hall The Liberal Party has already secured 12 states been needs one more to be able to form a majority government, the two undecided states or in the Hobart based electorate of Clark, where there is a four way race between independence, so he Keone Kristie Johnston and liberals Madeline Ogilvy and Simon Baraka's The two Independency currently in front. Voting experts say the end result is still too close to call. Tasmanian Electoral Commission staff made swift progress yesterday, and Commissioner Andrew Haughey expects the final where coming Clark to be known today. Finance News. Wall Street has ended lower on speculation that rising inflation pressure could prompt interest rate hikes in the United States sooner rather than later. The Dow Jones industrial average fell. 1.3% says investors away two key report on consumer inflation The broader S and P 500 last 5000.18 off opposite sorry 0.8 of 1%. He's trying in share market is expected to open half a percent a week later this morning. It's local investors assist the reaction to last night's big spending federal budget. And you'll see dollars higher at 78.4 U. S. Since Was sport his Jax? Nope. Port Adelaide is considering appealing the airfield tribunals. Four weeks suspension given to Rockman Tom Lice it he was banned for a sling tackle that concussed. Adelaide's Ned McHenry in the showdown on the weekend license, says he regrets the incident of a somber most of what happens on the weekends. Disappointed before lakes on In the national basketball leg. Dilawar Hawks of baiting the Adelaide 36 is 71 to 66 last night in woolen Gong.

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