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That can be done in an outpatient clinic or radiology department candidates people who have risk factors. For fatty liver disease Kansas Wayne you know about fatty liver disease first hand I'm tell us your story how'd you I learned that you had delivered disease, well I'm a typical American because I went through life not Being really? Careful with my diet so I put? On, a founder to every year and ended up at, seventy Budgie body and but I but I thought I was healthy I didn't know, that I had any problems but I went to my doctor and imagine how it is you walk in thinking you're, pretty good shape, and you walk out being. Told that you have not only Nash. Which you'd have stage four which is psoriasis and that's really scary thing so It hits the problem of the silence of a deliver so tough that it, doesn't give any, symptoms until it gets really. Ill So it's, it's something that people need to think about catching early if they have any of the other problems are they NS mentioned Wayne how did you get it on How did you naturally get? Tested, for this. Because if you don't have any, symptoms it's not it's not just something common that your doctor would do so. How'd you how'd you get to that point yeah it is because a lot of times I'm I'm one of. The typical ones because it, it's really it's discovered by accident I actually. Had a gallbladder surgery and the, and the surgeon looked at my liver and he said well you have psoriasis And a lot of people have that experience because gallbladder problems are pretty routine you. Know that's really, outpatient, procedure these days So it was visually identified to begin. With and then I did have the fiber scan test and that confirmed it and who's at risk could be at risk so. The most likely person, to develop, Nash is a type two diabetic or someone with obesity or the combination of the two those. Have insulin resistance high, cholesterol high blood pressure read are very common health concerns..

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