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Then people kept saying to me how did you get on your will join namus shave address was a giant football player at the time yes but you see only in america i never heard of american football it's not something that we hear of either in new zealand and i recognize later people told me how famous he was and he was a gentleman he was a nice guy nice guy because of that appearance on the fourth of july show an agent rang and said would i got an mason which i did and i was contracted to perform everywhere san francisco cincinnati for you did you longtime sorry did you have fun doing it yes i did to read american audiences if you know what i mean yeah you can't just step on a stage in america and i played tennis myself i said at the time you have to learn what they expect and i had no trouble with that i don't do it anymore but i too many times from new zealand i'd be flying over and appeared one of the base was i was appearing as the king of siam in the king and i use even i played the crawler home school you you you i was your assistant well up to a point the caller who was pretty important but i had a bowl i saved myself both had a and i was flying over to perform it do you know what suva stream is what silver streamers it's sort of an elaborate mobile home okay what do i mean something stream i've got the name wrong anyway they have a conference once every two years five thousand of them no place in somewhere in chicago and i went on stage in the middle it was the central for secular songs and talks went off and it was supposed to pose pose in back when they expected on call and i sing when i grow old losing my hair and i pulled the wig off both the house down on this very quickly but that was on a long time ago those were great times great times we've got an email from one of our listeners regarding superstitions let me read it to you then we'll go to our phone call smacks it's this is from davis says when i was a child back in one thousand nine hundred seventy on a saturday night it was staying at my grandmother's house in san mateo california i was playing with an umbrella in the house and i opened it my grandmother's scolded me and she said never ever opening umbrella in the house it means someone's going to die well that was early in the afternoon at about eight pm the phone rang telling my grandmother to keep me till late sunday because my other grandfather my mother's dad died of heart failure oh well for years i thought i was at fault wow well i i hope we doing the right thing you and i by telling that listen to that it wasn't his fault there was no evidence at all that raising the umbrella can cause a death but grandma believed that it was grandma told him and so he's worried about his time but i wanted him to put it out of his mind i mean the second to stop you putting an umbrella up if you feel like that story nope i'm still going to not do that i'm not going to open umbrella let's go to the phones you're ready west of the rockies bilas truck driving in washington bill.

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