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Filmon reportedly turned over his place mat and began writing a motion to abolish boxing at the next faculty meeting the motion was taken up. It had been twelve years since the first attempt by Wisconsin professor to ban boxing had failed. But after the death of Charlie Moore, Wisconsin faculty voted to end the team soon after the NCAA decided to discontinue boxing. And at that point, most varsity programs disbanded. Change is going to come from faculty winning pressure. That's university of San Diego professor adopt Goldschmidt again, less fall. He and his colleagues canister Ben and Daniel Sheehan asked the academic assembly for the faculty of arts and sciences, the band football. It was a nonbinding resolution. Many professors made arguments for keeping football. They're defending the values of the sport, the camaraderie and so on and so forth. Although said that if you play football, it does not mean that you're going to get seat the, it's just increases the likelihood than it was time to vote. The vote was fifty against the resolution only twenty six voted in favor would lost resoundingly. There's no question about that. But and this is important. There were thirty abstentions if those thirty abstentions had been in favor of our vote, we would have carried the day. The university of San Diego opens its two thousand eighteen football season. Next Saturday, adopt gold schmead now hopes that professors at other universities will pick up the cause, but Kenneth Serban thinks changed will come from other places. I think what's really going to happen is the moms are going to stop their kids from playing football, and I think that these colleges are going to face lawsuits. I mean, that is the one big thing that I think convinces people to change, which is when their pocket book is damaged. In some way, Chris door is a partner with ethelson PC in Chicago. He says the law firm currently represents over a thousand former college football players in more than one hundred. Action, lawsuits against the NC double a. conferences and universities regarding head injuries, the numbers growing because we are continually contacted by people that are suffering from these issues. So it's like difficult. Monday morning, you show up. There's like five new people who want to be represented at least one of the former college football players who reached out to adults in PC is sixty two year old Ray Griffin, the former Ohio State safety does raise story stand out to you, or is it fairly Representative of your clients? I would say it's it's very Representative in their many worst stories than rice. Egilsson PC argues that information about the long term effects of head injuries has been available to the NC double a. conferences, universities for decades, and that not enough was done to protect athletes. The NC double as chief legal counsel has called the class action cases, questionable and said, the NCAA does not believe that these complaints present legitimate legal arguments but could litigation and all the costs that will come with it actually bring an end to college football. That's Michael McCann, Sports Illustrated legal analyst and associate dean at the university of New Hampshire's law school. I think has accepted this as as part of their business McCain believes football isn't going anywhere at bigger schools like Alabama, Notre Dame, Florida. The sport is too profitable and too big a part of school culture. But if we're looking at smaller colleges that lose money on football and that will lose more money, not only because of past negation, but also higher insurance. It could prove meaningful universities pay for insurance to cover many things including lawsuits in with so much uncertainty over concussion litigation. Those insurance policies could become more and more expensive..

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