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Tushar dennis doled ktla the robber then showed the postal clerk a weapon in his jackets compare with the body scanners currently in use it's like moving from aid the interns and tell the postal employees that valued at twenty seconds if you don't give me everything you got i'm gonna i'm gonna shoot you the rather put the cast into a green plastic bag then walked doubts sashi a woman from chris new claims she saw a sas watching the san bernardino mountains has filed a lawsuit against the save for failing to believe her the woman says she was hiking a trail in the community of bluejay a year ago when she saw big foot in the tree says two others were nearby woman says she called 911 but they kept telling her she was just seeing a bear traffic from the helpful socal honda traffic center there are still issues on the ten in we also is eastbound side of the 10 riverside avenue the ongoing drug crash investigation here the fatal crash that has all lanes shut down you are backed up to cedars we look at the so out on the deals traffic him on the westbound side of the 210 in the same spot the two left lanes are shut down little delays on the westbound side they'll for that eastbound drive you can take the 210 instead or try valuable of art rose need on the chinese found at delmore avenue crash cleared from the carpooling fullspeed drive there and sherman oaks the one one south vicar the 405 northbound crash finally clear the transition road reopened kfi in this guy hopes get you there faster i'm robert duckie cal weather from kfi clear with lows in the upper 40s to mid50s sunny later highs in the upper 60s to mid70s for metro la mid to upper 70s for the asean the.

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