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Information on and more solutions for final news roundup and information overload our news roundup information overload our another big huge story by project veritatis James o'keefe as more connections more people now seems to have deputise half the world lastly exposed Jeff Zucker the president of fake news CNN as being an agenda driven anti trump zealot well now this is devastating what he's got here yeah I have on tape and she knew she had a hot Mike on but she didn't know was being recorded ABC news anchor Amy Robach is recent interview with hunter Biden made national headlines I thought she actually did pretty decent in the interview a few more questions I would certainly has put out you know she got him to admit did you get the job because of your experience no why do you think you got it I don't know maybe because your dad yeah that's it probably anyway so she made recent news about that interview but she's talking to a producer you can tell she is frustrated because he's revealing that she had a huge expose ready to go with people on the record will block down tight about Jeffrey upstate three four years ago the network caved to pressure and they deep six the story yeah I got all this happening a lot of these networks you got the whole issue involving NBC I know fox over the years had their issues but you know what ABC got CBS unless moaned as you got now this is that this is out of control you might remember Lisa Myers had the interview with Juanita Broderick and they were they were trying to spike it and Lisa Myers called Juanita Broderick said yeah we got a problem what are the network thinks you're very credible that's the problem very credible anyway in comments that they were able to obtain that project veritas dot com robotic one is far to suggest that the information she had implicated Bill Clinton we had Clinton we had everything rather than give you my take on it what I play for you that will bring in our project veritas founder James o'keefe three.

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