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Family stadium over there in, bellflower California the number one team last year in the state of California Saint John Bosco, Braves getting a new stadium courtesy of Brian Panish and some. Other donors, but BP really the driving force behind that brand new stadium seven point two million and set to open up on the, seventeenth of August is goes from Utah going in there for the opener and. It's going to be a pretty good Saint. John Bosco. Braves team again remember they played Bishop Gorman couple years ago got beat and can you Sanchez and Bishop Gorman reloading, again as, Saint John Bosco modern-day those teams do in fact modern day. I believe picked preseason. Wise as a number one team in the country so. It'll be interesting that's the rival for? Saint John Bosco, and the Braves, but Brian, Panish is there this evening so KT enjoying some time down. There at the cosmopolitan right there on, the, strip beautiful Dan you and so you know these other conferences they go and have. Their media days in LA for the Pac twelve in fact, I saw Bruce Marshall from the gold sheet over there at the mountain west media day, Bruce just got back from the SEC he flies around he. Goes all, over the place and covers all these conferences and Bruce will be at the Pac twelve media day tomorrow and he said, it's just a one day event in Hollywood and I'm looking I'm like Pac. Twelve I remember they had that basketball tournament. They're supposed. To be toss is going to be at the stable centre lasted a couple of years there I mean, the early, games couldn't, get anybody who's going to fight the traffic is trying to. Get to some of. Those early games unless you're staying at venue right close. To the staple center you're not getting. There Without having to fight through traffic and so they decided to pack twelve day to move, everything? To the MGM garden arena. And of course now At the team mobile so is top the line Vegas as far. As the venue and when raiders stadium gets finished here I mean. It's just a matter of time before you're going to have the NCAA tournament here we best, get Super Bowl within. The first couple of years and I know criteria wise was supposed to be seventy thousand seating capacity for a Super Bowl but sixty five. Thousand I believe, there's You know a deal that was kind of worked out prior to the stadium being built to where yes Las Vegas will be a destination for. The Super Bowl and hopefully sooner than later and Tommy white in the crew by the way, doing an outstanding job over there you can start seeing it, as you go down on. That left side there of Mandalay bay in one now. You can start seeing things taking shape and they've got. The website up and you, can go online and you. Can check, it, and, just see how the building's going in, and a lot of. The? Newscasts they'll have, pictures from there throughout the year throughout the months but couple. Years away as we heard Tyler Bischoff. And coach Jim Bola talk about that the raiders will not be, able to market Las, Vegas you won't see real Los Angeles. Raiders gear out there so if you see it it's going to be bootlegging you know again quality-wise. Probably gonna get what you pay for what they tell you right so you know you. Might want to hold off on some of that stuff you're not. Gonna get anything that's official and for those that are going to venture into doing the bootleg, they're gonna you know. Sooner or later To get this cease and? Desist, and if they get caught they're gonna stop it's going to be confiscated just the way it is because there will. Not be any, marketing of that raider merchandise that. Will be official until two thousand twenty so look forward to that but in the meantime we'll watch the. Stadium go up before very eyes and realize it's getting closer and closer and we know that because it just seemed like a few days ago that March madness was ended and. Had ended and then all of a sudden we get into baseball season and here we are, you know just a few weeks away from college football I, mean literally a month away. Tomorrow because October August twenty fifth you've got two games..

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