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Five i'm chuck row with more traffic reports more often canucks ten seventy newsradio overnight lows in the fifties and sixties and tomorrow if you're going to the beach it's going to be in the seventies and sixties and seventies there and it's gonna get warmer in the inland areas up to the eighties in the metro areas and nineties in the inland valleys downey sixty seven procurement seventythree now anna santa monica sixty two degrees we have for you a rebroadcast of canucks indepth with segments recorded earlier today you're listening to knx indepth with chris eaten sitting in for my simpson charles feldman seems like everybody's talking about the cover of time magazine they put together to folders one of president trump the other of a young migrant girl who is crying presumably because she was separated from her mother but in fact they were not separated so is this fake news does this play into the president's claims joining us now sara quin former president of the society for news design in journalism professor at kansas state university so professor thumbs up or thumbs down on that time magazine cover well can i do both okay that's the sideway thumb explain well i mean i think the the image of the little girl has become such a symbol of the current emotional situation i can see i can understand the desire to use this image to make a very strong point and it's clearly touched a nerve and so the editors you know made some choices to use a flat black or flat red background and to do some things that would take it out of the context of reality and i think it's very striking and then that said i worry a little bit that this little girl is identifiable and she's not able to speak for herself and so there's a little bit that makes me think it seemed exploiting her and there might have been a number of other approaches so let me ask you this are we now know an era where what used to be deemed inappropriate is now considered the norm and has the president helped to foster that.

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