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Remote learning experience for the kids in Chicago. I've said time and time again if you had asked, how long would it take to put a solid were learning program in place I would say we need a couple of years. Of course we were thrusted into this and I think that the district like many district across the country that we rose to the occasion with that said, there were some challenges we worked extremely hard on some of those things upfront whether that was distributing devices, our most recent announcement around Internet connectivity on. For. One hundred, thousand families I think that those were some pretty substantial hurdles that we were able to overcome and. I'm really proud of the district's work to do that. With that said, it is a challenge. I know that I felt like I completed fifth in eighth grade at the end of the school year just like my kids did because there were a lot of times where I had to devote a lot of time effort and energy to help them do their work because of the constraints around a remote learning setting. So with that said I, think what parents are going to see is better monitoring and accountability for putting out strong remote learning program We're only using one platform Google this is gonNA give. US visibility visibility into what's happening at the classroom level. This will allow principals to see what's happening in the classrooms and also allow parents some visibility I think the grading policy that we had in place in the spring was ahead of where a lot of districts are. We were able to keep accountability in place so that kids were motivated to do the work but attendance is another area where we have strengthened our protocols so that we can better account for students participating and remote learning. I. Don't know how you deal with the fact that this country has such digital divide and the idea. Of.

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