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App. The Tom leykis show. Thank every tuning in. Thanks for being part of our program. We appreciate it. Money Monday at nine one three thousand Tom. I don't want three thousand Tom. That's the number here. Nine zero one three thousand. Hey. Thank you so much being part of the program. We appreciate it. And let's continue with your phone calls here. See? That's me her in Phoenix on Monday Monday. Hello. How are you? Do you? Thank you so much. Hey, I just wanted to start by mentioning that your stock tips have paid for the subscription older over. So thank you. Of course. Thank you. I just want to let people know out there all the people out there that are not paying guys. It's the price of a fucking lunch. You can afford it. It's a lunch doesn't take a lot to to subscribe. So please stop being a cheap and donate. Give back to demand that gave back to you. Thank you so much. Absolutely, tom. I have a question about the stock purchase. If I may. Yeah. Call flexi on and the call sign is up L X and want to get your thoughts on. Don't know it offhand tell me what they do. Okay. So they they do the injections area biotech company that does the injections. Now. There are a lot of companies out there that do in. They're buying Bill. So basically, the physician office purchases it, and then they prescribed it to the patient, and then they Bill the insurance companies, but their product has a different indication to it that none of the other products out there have they were ranked I know is one of the top places to work for in the nation, by the way. Just a word to the wise. That's no benefit to the investor. Gotcha. Okay. For example. I I make a note of avoiding investing in places that women say are good for breastfeeding their kids or taking time off that may be great for them. But as the investor that does me no good whatsoever. I don't care about that. Good to know. Thank you. Shit that advice I'm here to help. Yeah. They're they're. So that's pro the basically the product is is just a knee injection. And I don't know where they are the cost curve of it. I've, you know, I read the information about the product and everything and the stuck seems to go up and down. I don't know if it's gonna blow up this stock since may has been on the downswing, and okay, you should know other things about it pays. No, evidently, right and morning star says it's fully valued. So according to Morningstar's own metrics. They don't seem to think it has much room for growth at this time. And I could change course. Sure. But right now. The stock is listed at eighteen dollars and fourteen cents doing the show law. They they say the fair value of the stock is eighteen dollars and ninety two cents. So okay that doesn't leave a lot of room for growth. Gotcha. Okay. Pretty much answers my questions. I gotta put some thought into what I want to do with that. But thank you. I appreciate that. My second question was is when you I know you are listening to your show, you talk about you read a lot you do a lot of research and before you buy a stock. Do you do all that research through MorningStar, or you know, kind of like Yahoo MorningStar barons? The Wall Street Journal, which are published by the same company. Right. I I am also. In my Google news feed. I see articles from things like Bloomberg BusinessWeek on festers business daily other financial publications. I keep up on. I also have the ticker symbol of stocks. I own and stocks, I'm interested in in my Google newsfeed. Stories come up about those companies. They pop up on my phone, and I can read them quickly. Also, I subscribe, I'll give the name of the newsletter because they don't advertise. So they're not giving them any freebies. Monty. There is a newsletter. I subscribed to that is for value stocks, and I've made a lot of money investing in stocks. They recommend. Okay. So it looks like here I got a little bit of rape reading ahead of me because I do look at Yahoo. Bloomberg and a couple of those but probably should increase by knowledge by looking in those other sources, I can tell you that when I stopped doing the live show every day. My plan is to change my hours because the market on the west coast open to six thirty AM weekdays, and I plan to be up at six to make a.

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