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Talking line is a podcast focused on artists artists conversation. We're primarily artists duo called sleeping lion, but we've been lucky enough to write produce and hang out with so many incredible artists since we started our project whether it's at sessions or Party's over cups of coffee we've talked our creative friends about everything music life, love and all. The subtle complexities that come with being in the middle of journey talking line is about hitting recording these conversations and sharing them with you. There's no real structure nothing really prepared just friends talking about life and what it's been like and where it's going we now have Patriot for fans of our show to help keep this going subscribers will become a part of the show in various ways from providing questions. To our guests to getting a shout out on the show to actually being on the show to chat with us. We'll even send you a monk to check out our Patriot on at PATRIAE DOT com slash talking lion recorded this episode with our longtime friend Dylan dunlap. We first met Dylan while we were all students at Berkeley College of Music and remained friends through our moved to Los Angeles some context. For this interview Dylan had just passed a million month who listeners on spotify following his twenty nineteen single if that's all right. He also just released his new heartwarming song dedicated to his girlfriend called who would have thought an extremely artists with powerful heart Dylan dunlap is changing the game musings voice promote mental health awareness.

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