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One nation under Dr Martin Luther King junior today here in Albany, celebrated civil rights leader honored at the Empire State plaza. They're amusing performances, dances and speeches at the Empire State plaza convention center. Former New York Giants running back Rashad Jennings gave the keynote address he remarked on the changes in society since Dr king's death. And I always say this to myself, and I hope that you guys ask you some this question. How can I have more freedom than he ever had less than he ever did? Yet complain more than he ever dreamed volunteerism was at the heart of Dr king's philosophy. And there was a volunteering fair outside the convention hall today in Scotia man has died while shoveling snow from the major winter storm that hit the area this weekend. Scotia police say seven year old Frank democracy went outside about eight pm Sunday night to shovel snow police say at some point Damasio was stricken autopsy conducted as determined. He died from a heart attack, Monday morning Scotia department of public works crew, plowing snow at five forty this morning found a Massey lying on the stairs at three fifty six mohawk avenue. A new proposal to ban public disclosure of mug shots and booking information by law enforcement drawing criticism from experts on public information laws the president of the New York news publishers association, Diane Kennedy, telling the times union it will allow arrests of powerful politically connected. People to remain secret. The move comes following attempts to extort money from arrested individuals to remove their. Mugshots and arrest information from public websites. A spokesman for governor Cuomo says prohibiting the websites from charging fees for removing mugshots has not worked in fifteen other states, hence, the need for the band Alicia Daniels. Newsradio eight ten and one or three.

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