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Laws and before you past us be ninety one but i wasn't as bad as it is now so early laws have an impact on crime clearly is that just me rick i mean my missing something here no not at all and and i i as i had to keeper whining i'm like did he just say what i think he said oh us the reason we we have laws is because there is evil in the heart of that lee and those laws help govern what to is going to function look it we and we help keep we can help to the reins on it so to speak great because if there is no consequences for actions people will do all kinds of things right but the thing about passing a law is it's like it's like a scale it's like a balance you know you have to have an adequate balance there has to be inadequate deterrence so people don't do some of these bad things but when we the senate president on the record saying that's what alaska you're just got us suck it up and deal with it early nothing we can do about it oh i was shocked all right let's go to the phones and chris is on the phone hey chris amy you will you you're welcome that i couldn't find that on the channel worth of global gobble gobble marconi founded note oakland from a little bit was kind of dawned on me you know we'll do very all the politics of course she is yes she is an open queanbeyan grenell good cop bad cop you know unintended cop over there were taken the point where she would nor was it the work you know and i might be wrong you know i don't think but i think she clean rope political blue because she knows don't wanna be on the wrong side of the common worked on the world in big trouble absolutely here's the thing gabriella do a le lifelong democrats she was a democrat when choosing kodiak she moose angered she became a republican she's always been one of the more liberal republicans but now is she is with the reason that the democrats control the house his she and two others joined the democrats and created a new majority now i can tell you she represents a portion of eu sank raid we are districts overlap and she is feeling.

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