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Well the night that. I'll be at the office in a minute. I can get some sleep. Bullard wouldn't try to adopt my baby. He's a in a friend. A neighbor anyway. Hey. Is Bullard. Going into the courthouse courthouse. I'd better follow him. He goes down the hall I'll stay a little ways behind me. Between left I'll bet that's where you go to take out adoption papers. Just peak around the corner. Gildersleeve. Slave following me in. Just on my way to my office Gildersleeve. What are you up to well? I am what are you? What are you doing down here? I'm seeing a certain official about a certain Matt and it certainly none of your business. It's certainly it. I'M GONNA see my lawyer. I gotTa Talk to you. The facts occasions Mr Garfinkel judge. Get off the phone. Excuse me. I'm conversing with a client farmer Gosh Finkel I'm a client to sit down. Now that Mr Guy Painful. You alleged hunters trespass on your property and shot eight km geeze Deuce at the time like this. which we shall hereafter, he fire to as the Corpus Selecta. Hang Up, there's GONNA. Be a conference booker. Pardon me Mr Garfinkel. There's a big commotion in the Office. I'll call you back. I hope you're satisfied now that you've interrupted me on my biggest case this week yesterday. What's you were alleged? Mind judge. You've got to help me. Adopt the baby Gal. I doubt if I'm your solution. What do you mean to adopt a baby? You have to get married and I don't accept your proposal. Let's not be ridiculous. I have every reason to believe that somebody is trying to adopt the baby before I do who's yelling? Rumson Bullard Sandberg just yesterday. He said he admired her. This morning I caught him sneaking into the courthouse judd. You've got to help me guilty. I regret to say that if Rumson Bullard is taking steps, there's not much that I can do about it and if you're not going to marry and adopt the infant. Willard's home might not be a bad place horror. Cultural and social advantages opportunities to marry well money. You never want for anything gilded now I can see it. You're on Bullard side to. I'll bet you even drew up his papers. You turned against your friend and fellow jolly boy. You're nothing, but an old goat wolves clothing. You know I'm the best friend you and that data, half or spiders horse sweaters. You can say up. Regarding is eight dead geese. Maybe should adapt the baby. At least you have a pet for other own. Turncoats Hand Goose Liar Goodbye..

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