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Today on the hill that Republican Liz Cheney is pushing back against the effort in a new Washington Post op ed. White House backs waving patent protections for covert vaccine breaking this hour. Orioles left hander John Means has pitched a no hitter on Wall Street. The Dow closed up 97. NASDAQ, though, was down 51 points and the S and P was up three w t o p at 6 31. Former President Trump is still banned from Facebook, at least for now. Here's CBS correspondent Natalie Brand. Facebook's Independent Oversight Board has upheld the Social Media Giants decision to suspend former President Trump's access to Facebook and Instagram following the January 6th attack on the U. S Capital. But the board went on to say it was not appropriate for Facebook to impose the indeterminant and standard list penalty of indefinite suspension. Telling Facebook to review the matter within six months. In a statement, Trump called the decision a total disgrace and national embarrassment, adding that social media companies have to pay a political price. Those sentiments were echoed by a number of GOP lawmakers and on Fox, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said. There's talk of breaking up Facebook so it doesn't have a monopoly on top House Republican now says it is time for Congress woman Liz Cheney to be removed from her number three post in the GOP leadership, and he's endorsing a replacement. Or from W. T. O. P S Capitol Hill correspondent Mitchell Miller today on the minority Whip Steve Scalise. The House's number two Republican, is now on the record, saying that Liz Cheney should step down from her leadership position and political tension has been rising for months. Going back to when Cheney was asked to former President Trump should speak at CPAC, a gathering of GOP conservatives. She and the House's top Republican Kevin McCarthy, disagreed with President.

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