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Let's say those trade offer like their their production was unless rugs unless you really project you. Here's the here's the thing about walmart. If you you have to really suggest that bryan edwards or henry ruggs become major players in the offense right or you have to say that. It's pretty much. The offense is the same cast in and we don't know that about what we do not. There's a lot of moving parts. There's new coach now. there's you know. There's they brought in a very talented running back. Jamal jefferson they brought in jamaal williams light. Their their actions are suggesting that they want to bring in competition to run was with and i think he is definitely worth a second round pick. I think he is definitely justifiable to take over waller. But in two tight and leaks. I know that i can go out and trade for swift. If he has a injury at any point. I know get him. There's no. There's nobody in the league that i would trade war right not in this woman okay. Well here's another thing to keep in mind with the detroit running game. And i think that the things you're saying comes down a team preference in how you prefer bill your team in high end the trade value and everything but as far as strictly waller versus swift argument the the new coach for the detroit. Lions is campbell. Was the saints tight end coach last year. It was Interim head coach for. He's a guide that super passing it. And he's going to be a run the ball down your to wrote kind of running back a kind of coach. They drafted Tool with the seventh overall pick their joining up that offensive line they no longer have matthew stafford. They traded matthew stafford they. Now have jared goff who they know is not going to be capable of being this elite passer. So they're putting all their money on their running game and so de'andre the andrea swift is going to be the number one a one a running back most likely but he doesn't need to be the only running back in a system that's going to run the ball down your throat to have value. He almost news that thunder lightning in a with the team. This gonna run it as much as you can't. He's going to have insane value even if he only sixty percent of touches and you add in the fact that in a pr format. He's going to be one of the most valuable receiving running backs as well. So he has got Ability in him. I'm not gonna fall you for the waller pick. I think that you gave a lot of great reasoning. And i think in your situation that makes that makes a lot of sense. Based on your belief in clyde edwards slayer. But i'm bringing up other side to the argument there in what i can perpetrate. It's not really. It's not really the wall big. It's like it's it's swift gibson in his comparing swift to clyde edwards felt very confident that one out of the three would've fell back to where i did. Not if waller or killed in not go in that same wrap around..

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