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Phnom like all my huahua and and apart is like i want a camp on their law that a proud also to at the same time was widely attractive to women i will go to the the movie store and in the fitness section of just like rub my little boy pena locale all on the radio added i just all these confusing feelings i do not know god if he such a mind for because you can't give yourself the label gay because you like boats out i heard on the radio that aids and i cried myself to sleep because meena a friend user touch each other's dixon i'm like oh good at died of aids of sucky girl i swear to gone mian mian arm or is it gonna say eight it was just like you know these these weird mixed messages and i like i i dunno here's is crazy the an interesting 'cause you do you hear about women being bisexual i feel like a lot at a conversation with bisexual ma'am we kind of just lump them into like we're like their day yera sonae charter also tuna who's younger i'll tell you this i i remember me in a another kid stored fallen around right and then like accidentally i found the spice channel by grandparents els how i like banda hit nine nine by accident and i was like what's that worked a bad channel don't ever watched the bad chair at all and i was i know are a next morning bad channels high but you have to order this space dr now it was it if you have a sense of pay was little fuzzy as you like a beans are once in awhile say i was like my 100 percent or you have to order at all of the next thing i now like found masturbation and then my dad diet like two weeks later and i was like you cutting has because oh my dad.

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