Mayor Bloomberg, President Trump, Bernie Sanders discussed on Herman Cain


Is he he owned a brewery, you'd success hit a hack? Everything owned had to get a loan from his landlord to do it and ends up being a runaway success, then he wants to give back becomes mayor of eight years, then he wants to give back becomes a governor. For eight years. We push back against the legalization of marijuana. He has a good idea of what it takes to be out there in the business world. So that this is the old match ups. We used to have not somebody who says free preschool free college free healthcare Medicare for all you have. You have Bernie Sanders. I don't know how he's getting nine people. He got used crowds over the weekend in Chicago as well as Brooklyn New York. So that's the big thing. Does a guy like kicking Looper have shot number one? Kind of a unique name first off never to moderate and willing to say, you gotta be practical like mayor Bloomberg. But for the present he has a story to tell and it's a positive story with the economy, despite I think eight interest hikes from the fed the president still has this economy rolling. And these you're seeing in the polls fifty four percent of the country says we have the rest of the world views, positively we haven't seen that for a while the president got a secret weapon. He's always been a fan of a vodka. But the protector they put her in friendly atmosphere to do interviews. She is ready to go to bat for the president's economy. She has so much to do with it. Here's an example on with Steve Hilton over the weekend cut thirty five. Travel this country, and I talked with countless individuals, and here, they talk about business optimism, small business optimism big business optimism, but there's an optimism amongst workers that is deeply inspiring..

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