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Think there were a few there's a handful of articles that have reported health effects linked to secondhand beeping exposure through certainly art should be because i mean these are aerosols that are going to be available to summer mild and they're going to be inhaled by the person next to the vapor so <hes> <hes>. It's not been investigated enough. It's a really really good question. Don't you present factly right. Most likely there is going to be a link because because there are ultra fine particles which are going to be released with the raping and if you are next to that person absolutely okay. I believe that there will be issues with that down the line but <hes> so you believe that we do. We don't yet have conclusive studies around that. It's it's an area not not yet but it is common sense that if you are weeping and there is the smoke coming out with all these <hes> chemicals emiko's in it the person who is next to you will be inhaling it to okay so. I believe that there will be issue. I want to sneak one last call in here. Camello l. is calling from baltimore maryland camille. You're on the air. We've got about thirty seconds to see if we can get your your your comment in here. Hi very briefly my nineteen year also experienced a situation where he was vaping with friends. He passed out had a sustained heart rate of one hundred and seventy beats per minute per minute in the e._r. For seven hours it was it's quite scary and the doctor said he would have gone into cardiac cardiac arrest had we not been there to catch him when he passed out and call nine one nine one one so so from a parent perspective is quite alarming and there needs to be increased education <hes> pertaining to what you're getting a lot of times. These kids don't know what they're smoking right. It's a great point. Thank you so much for calling. I hope your son's doing alright. Professor jaspers got thirty seconds left here. What do you what do you think about camille said yeah. I hear you're absolutely absolutely right on. There's been actually a study that came out where with the questionnaire and they actually questioned you know the the demographic that you're that her son is in whether <music>. I'm you know what they're vaping about. Forty percent of the kids basically answered no. I'm just vaping flavors and water <hes> your their urine analysis show that they had high <hes> ah nicotine metabolite so a lot of kids don't even know that they are vaping high nicotine products and slowly actually pretty rapidly become addicted to nicotine well. Meanwhile as i mentioned we're seeing a lot of states raising the e cigarette buying asia twenty-one and just very recently michigan michigan became the first state to ban those flavored e cigarettes so a lot of attention to this on the state and federal level professor ilana jaspers professor pediatrics microbiology and immunology at the university of north carolina chapel hill. Thank you so much for being with us. Thank you for having dr melody presider chief of pediatric pulmonologist at n._y._u. Winter possible on long island dr prada thank you you thank you meghna chucker bardy. This is on point..

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