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Us this morning on the show to do exactly that. He is a senior NFL reporter with the draft network. He's the co host of the locked on NFL draft podcast. He's a guy that does it all year long. Didn't just parachute in for a couple of weeks in April, Joining us here on the show is Trevor Sycamore. Trevor. Good morning. How you doing? Good morning. I appreciate you having me on the show is still trying to catch up on a little bit of sleep here. But we're ready to go here on a Monday morning. Talk about this draft. Thanks that cool. You got it, man. Very cool. Our pleasure to have you here on the show. Hey, let's start with the quarterbacks that went after the first round. Because Friday morning, we had our chance to kind of pick through the Mack Jones slided of 15 that Justin Field selection by the Bears. We have not had a chance to talk about the bucks going. Kyle Trask a the end of the second round the third round quarterbacks out of that group of guys that went after the first round. Who did you like the most? Where did you like the fit the most? What favor guy in that little group there and boy, That was a lot of fun because we had so much talk about those first five quarterbacks, right? We knew that they would probably all be first round picks. They all end up being top 15 picks. And then when Mack Jones is selected by the Patriots, it was kind of like, Well, now what? You know we're sitting here. Waiting for when this next run of quarterbacks are going to be because they were clearly two different buckets of when these quarterbacks to be selected in the draft, and it ends up coming back into the second round. Was probably around target that we thought but going three out of four picks. That was that was definitely a surprise. And Kelly Mahon to the biking. My favorite sit there just because I feel like he gives you over all the highest ceiling of the guys that were selected you you have Kirk cousins there and I think that her cousins is Generally underrated. I really am going to say that because from a national perspective, I feel like Yeah. Kirk Cousins hasn't won the big one. You know, he's not a quarterback like a Russell Wilson or an Aaron Rodgers or things like that. And he's Compared to a lot of these guys because of the contract that he gets right. The fully guaranteed deals long term deals. He signed a couple of them now and you have a tendency to compare him to solve those other guys, But he's just not gonna be that. And for that reason a lot of people look to upgrade from Kirk Cousins, which is why I think that he's a little bit underrated, because I think you just solid starter all of that to say. Bringing a guy like telling Mom and I think it makes a lot of sense because, yes, we're Mondo is not ready to start right away in the NFL. He doesn't have to it with the Minnesota Vikings. He gets to sit behind a very experienced quarterback in a good place with a good offense and a good defense with him, and so Accuracy is the big deal with telling bonded you think consistency was his biggest problem. You look at his arm. You look at his build you go, man. This guy's got a lot of tools with his arms and his legs to your weapon is quarterback, but it's that consistency. That's not there. He's got the experience right. He's been the experience starter since his freshman and sophomore seasons in Texas A and M, but he just got to be more consistent with that actors. We've got to be able to deliver the ball exactly where it needs to go that ball placement. The biggest thing is really holding. Telling mom back from having a lot of confidence, getting better with his decision making and so I like to fit in Minnesota. I really do it and that's a start right away. Gets a couple of years. You get to see what you can have out of him. Maybe if you want to move on from Kirk cousins a little bit down the road, so I would say that the Taliban pig was definitely the one that stands out to me the most in that little group. Out of all the graves that you gave out. The Dallas Cowboys got one of your few D's. Now this is a team, an organization that went a lot of heavy defense grabbed a couple of offensive players, offensive lineman wide receiver but primarily went defense. What did you not like about the Cowboys approach was Yeah, I just I don't know how much better the Cowboys are right now. And, you know, I don't want to be too harsh in my draft grades because on these guys, anybody has a chance to pan out really helping the organization. But when you look at the Cowboys, I mean I don't know how much better they are here on Monday morning, then they were Thursday morning before the draft even began. You know, I like Michael Parsons. My Parsons was it was a top 10 player in the draft. For me. I had him graded out is one of my pops and guys. Kelvin Joseph. I can see it. He's got a higher ceiling. Also, did you do it? He's a versatile interior defensive lineman. But Used a lot of the positions that they decided to prioritize. They felt like more long term need fixes. You know, when you look at this team and you, you look at the ads with Michael Parsons and with which of Wilcox, you say, OK, sure that they might need linebacker a little bit down the road. They didn't pick up late. Van Directions, Fifth year option. Sheila Smith hasn't been exactly what they wanted. They re signed him, but They're still players on the roster right now. Those so do those guys. They're still starters and so then get into a situation where, Okay, Dan Quinn's coming in. He's playing his style of defense, who's all gonna play? And maybe not even maybe it's even more than that. Who's all gonna make the team and just felt a little bit done in the biggest area of need for the Dallas Cowboys was corner and Tell them, Joseph. Either projection kind of a player. He's got a long way. Learn the consistencies of really making a difference in this league nation. Right I thought was a huge overdraft in the third round, and then they ended with Israel in Kuala in the sex. But again, that's a guy who didn't have a ton of production was very spotty. When he had his best best games, you can see the flashes, but that consistency in that impact wasn't there and After the Cowboys needed the always needed a corner that could come in and play right away for them. You saw how close they were to really making a run at this division last year, And even though it wasn't at the tippy top, this could have been there division to have I just It's hard to look at the Cowboys draft class and think. Yep, I got a lot of confidence that with that press start coming back with more help along the offensive line that the additions that they made are gonna put them over the top in the division. Some of the names you could like you could see flashes, but I really think the Cowboys panicked in the first round when passenger Tanner JC Horn went off the board, right, perform a number 10 and I felt like that cascaded into an avalanche of really questionable picks throughout the entire draft. After that, that's interesting. Trevor succumb. A sick of my joins us this morning. Here on this show, you could watch him and listen to this part of the draft network senior NFL reporter there and the locked on NFL draft podcast. So while the Cowboys primarily went defense, the Jets primarily went offenses support Zach Wilson, and that was one of the grades. You like. Best you gave the Jets and a Would you like about what New York did? I love it. Absolutely love what the New York Jets did. Of course you got number two. Overall, You got a new regime coming in ahead at head coach and an offensive coordinator and on defense is well and They went into this draft moved on from Sam. Donald knew it had to be all about the new guy in what did everybody say about the Jets over the last couple of years with Arnold? They failed him right. Whether it was the coaches the offense of line, the offensive weapons, whatever it was just an object did not do what they needed to do. To allow Donald to improve to grow to get the most out of his third overall selection there. And this is something that I say all the time, you know, number one overall picks and top five picks in general. They're worth a lot. They come with a lot of value individually. But when you draft a quarterback high when you draft a quarterback in the top five, but alone here at number two overall, it doesn't just end there. That that is the beginning of you Just signing your your name on the dotted line that you will be responsible for.

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