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They w with us. Hi, mark. Thanks for taking my call. I wanted to respond to what you're saying about the trend of democracy. And democratic government is going where I see it's going is that political parties need to be recognized as political religions. So we have a truce we agree to keep these out of government. And what I've been pushing for a democrat, but I'm a cost to, to I I've been pushing my own party, you start putting healthcare doing it yourself as your own benefits like the Catholic church, producers don't programs and does not affect public policy. The Democratic Party could do the same with that belief about right to healthcare in Saint sex marriage. All that could be a separate group and not have to depend on government. So that's what I've been timing for as a cost to enlist. To stop discriminating by Cree by pushing beliefs of government, that I believe are unconstitutional to do. And then you mentioned public housing and the beta problems. I wanna I'm from a district Sheila jackson-lee district that had a campus plan. We passed a law to reform public housing, as a sustainable campus. And I've been proposing to replicate this model along the border, so people who want to fund schools, and healthcare, you can do so with your taxes and let other people in the military, so we can we separate our taxes, like we do with religion and allow people to fund their own and quit trying to dominate government with us. So if you go to earn the amnesty dot no, no, no, no, no. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. I don't quite to grasp that today on this, but the first line was actually quite good, because the idea that in a in a secular age politics becomes a religion and the police. Ical actually in historic times. It's quite good. It makes a lotta sense to look at political differences, in the same way that religious schisms were back in the back in medieval times, to say it's the same kind of thing. And in fact, in the absence of religion politics, so climate change. Whatever does become your religion. I tell you. Well, let's go to Mary in Mansfield Ohio, because we don't we don't. Emily with maybe a nice lady, but don't come on here, and, and do a URL because people pay to advertise on this show. That's what's the number one show and and, and said, let's go to Mary, and Mansfield, Ohio. I was in that beautiful theater that cloud abo-. The it's go played go to beautiful thea today's famous, I think Mansfield Mary, correct me if I'm wrong, it's full, the, the, the, the big movie with Morgan Freeman, The Shawshank Redemption was. But, but, but what I like about it. I played that lovely theater, you have downtown where Clara bow the it's go played in the nineteen twenties. And as the it's boy I was meant to play a couple years back, Barry. I forgot what I'm talking about that. What's, what's do you by Barry lovely child, though? I had a great time that it is a beautiful time. That was the renaissance cedar that, yes. Absolutely. You made a comment about how the activities that the democrat party is attempting to do right now was attempting, and they were attempting to swarthy will of the people, but I believe the democrat he what they're doing as encouraging. I believe that the Democrats see the twenty sixteen election as the will of the people because it was based on electoral college and not on the popular vote, though. I think that the democrat believe that they are standing up for the will of the people. Well, you don't know the thing about that. They say that, and the reason and the reason they say that is because they fail that if it had been on the popular vote numbers of two thousand sixteen Hillary would be president. But we don't know that if they wasn't for example, right now, you have very high, ton out in small states that have prominent in the electoral college, like New Hampshire, for example, has a high on out because it's perceived to Matt and because people camped out there for a year before the election at the same time in big states like California, New York. A lot of Republicans, then Bo the voting because there's no point you vote. Wasted. It's a big waste of time. Nobody actually knows how if you had saying, Austrailian system where everybody has to vote. Nobody actually nobody actually knows how popular transgender rights all all publicly funded abortion, all these other things would be if actually one hundred percent of people voted. So I think Mary, I take your point. But I think Mary, if you had a popular vote, the Democrats who assuming a lot to think that they present a positions where they won't single payer healthcare, where they want boys to be able to walk into Gaul school showers where they think that cauliflowers in community gardens colonialist, and racist. I'm not sure that fifty one percent of a straight up vote is going. We go in for that, Mary. I hope not. I hope you're right. Well, I hope so too. And thank you very to be that. What was it again? The renaissance in Mansfield. Yes. Right. Right. The renaissance theatre in Mansfield, and I'm sorry that I Bob things because I was very nervous. No, no. You don't. You don't need to be nervous. I was completely nervous when I was on stage at the renaissance I bombed that night, it was a disaster that you could really stunk up the joint of his terribly flawed. But you don't want to be worried about being notice. Mary, everyone is nervous once in a while. That's actually an interesting point. That's the other thing, by the way. It's not just that I with respect Mary, I think this actually does support my theory that we're moving to how have you wanna put it? I would put it. I would put it in the context of the rest of the west is a post democratic order in America, you might want to call it a post constitutional order. But what I'm saying is that the systems that have basically been accepted, for a couple of centuries now, the elite sustain no, no, no, those systems if they produce results, we do not like a 'illegitimate'. And so in that sense the attack.

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