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Lead the. Pj of america. Choose whistling straights. Jeff i assume her. Color just yeah. He just gave him a package deal and they were at the time. Somebody was infatuated. There were probably wisconsin people on the board and they made worse deals. They've gone too much worse places. And in terms of the golf course or the people in search of a buck so at least the course was compelling on tv and all that and and he went out yeah he did wherever it was needed to make a great. And so you want somebody like that. That's that's good. But i don't think there's anything coming there again. He's not getting any younger and they. The dj is in may and it's just too cold and too unpredictable there on the course can't really get ready. May and he may not care. You may have done what he needed to do. And who is he from. He's a plumbing magnet. He's famous for making toilets. He's the column schenk shank or whatever the name is of the ones in the uk. Is they make chink armitage there. It is yeah. I was close. Yeah they make toilets and plumbing fixtures and they're huge. Big company lucky bought the hamilton hall at saint andrews on the l. course hotels and he doesn't really really not a golfer. Which is the weird part. I think he's interested though in in upscale hotels and he enjoys the hospitality business so good for him. There's been a lot of talk about the behavior of the crowd and the rowdiness and lots of people jumping on that both in anticipation of it but also through the week. That was a bit of feature. And it's tempting to think and we Twitter people have been having a go and trying to work out. What was what's been happening to write a cup crowds but is it particularly different than it was before or are they particularly rowdier this time. No i think hazeltine was worse because you have warm weather and a that was what i feared was the beer drinking and there was some warm days there as freezing in the morning at hazeltine but i think the other saving grace ended up..

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