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It? and I did I did well and I got to go sit with Johnny and and it was it was crazy just crazy and you you get that that surge of electricity that you think God if this doesn't dissipate I, I will be asleep to Labor. Day. God I. Mean You're like now I'm sitting next to Oprah Winfrey then I was sitting next to Johnny Carson and this is the we're not kidding around now and I was lucky enough to get invited back and back and back so that was good. Good friends. Well I. He was very sweet to me he he would invite me to his house We would go out to dinner, but I was always nervous I. Just I couldn't relax around him and because I knew that Johnny had a love hate relationship with alcohol. And a couple of times we'd be out to dinner and I saw him go to the vodka, and then you could just see a little edge kind of appear I thought I don't WanNa be around here. Here's. Johnny decides he's had enough of me. Doesn't like me Yeah Yeah. Because I felt like a pretender because I never wanted to disappoint him, I just thought if I say something stupid audio's do you think he was kind of person anybody could ever really get to know well I don't I don't think I ever really got to know him I knew him from being on the show I knew him from the few. The KINDA Guy People can get to know I think there's a a a a group of people that I've worked with for thirty years who I'm very, very, very comfortable with and Around whom my behavior seems. Normal Dave. You bring an intern in who doesn't know what's going on and they got stories for the rest of their life. Really. Hard to work with not hard but just peculiar peculiar peculiar peculiar ism well, I I remember the interns we have so many of them and and it's always you know Bob i.

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